A Musicall Dreame (Robert Jones)

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General Information

Title: A Musicall Dreame. Or The Fourth Booke of Ayres, the First part is for the Lute, two Voyces, and the Viole de Gambo; The Second part is for the Lute, the Viole and foure Voices to Sing: The Third part is for one Voyce alone, or to the Lute, the Basse Viole, or to both if you please, Whereof, two are Italian Ayres.
Composer: Robert Jones

Number of voices: 4vv   Voicing: SATB
, Solo Soprano Genre: SecularMadrigal

Languages: English, Italian
Instruments: Lute, viola da gamba, bass-viol, or a cappella

Publication date and place: 1609 by John Windet in London.
Imprinted by John Windet, and are to be solde by Simon Waterson, in Powles Church-yeard, at the Signe of the Crowne. Reissued: London, 1609, Imprinted by the Assignes of William Barley, and are to be solde in Powles Church-yeard, at the Signe of the Crowne.

Description: A collection of 21 songs in one, two and four parts, with lute and viol parts.

Notes: The lute parts of this book and of The Muses Gardin for Delights are, in places, crude and dissonant. It has been suggested that, in these cases, Jones is only responsible for the melody and bass lines, but there is little external evidence to support this.

List of works

Two parts, with lute and viol parts

  • Though your strangenes frets my heart
  • Sweet Kate of late ranne away     (2 editions available)
  • Once did I serve a cruell heart
  • Will said to his Mammy, that he would goe woe
  • Harke, harke, wot you what
  • My complayning is but faining
  • On a time in summers season
  • Farewel fond youth, if thou hadst not beene blind

SATB, with lute part

  • How should I shew my love unto my love
  • O he is gone and I am here
  • And is it night, are they thine eyes that shine
  • She hath an eye, aye me
  • I know not what, yet that I feele is much
  • Griefe of my best loves absenting
  • If in this flesh where thou indrencht dost lie
  • O thred of life when thou art spent
  • When I sit reading all alone
  • Faine would I speake, but feare to give offence

Solo, with lute and bass-viol parts

  • In Sherwood livde stout Robin Hood
  • Ite Caldi sospiri
  • Samor non è che dunque

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
And is it night 1609 11 Secular Lute songs 4 SATB
Fare well fond youth 1609 8 Secular Lute songs 3 SAB
Griefe, griefe of my best loves absenting 1609 14 Secular Lute songs 4 SATB
Harke, harke wot yee wat 1609 5 Secular Lute songs 3 SAB
How should I shew my love 1609 9 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
I know not what 1609 13 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
If in this flesh 1609 15 Secular Lute songs 4 SATB
My complaining is but faining 1609 6 Secular Lute songs 3 SAB
On a time in summer season 1609 7 Secular Lute songs 3 SAB
Once did I serve a cruel heart 1609 3 Secular Madrigals 3 SAB
She hath an eye 1609 12 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Sweet Kate of late ran away 1609 2 Secular Madrigals 3 SAB,SA, SSAATTBB
Though your strangenes 1609 1 Secular Madrigals 3 SAB
Will saide to his mammy 1609 4 Secular Madrigals 3 SAB


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