A New Set of Psalm Tunes and Anthems (William Bennett)

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General information

Description of contents and details of publication

William Bennett's book A New Set of Psalm Tunes and Anthems, In Four Parts, For the Use of Country Choirs consists of seventeen metrical psalm tunes (with texts from the New Version), two set-pieces, eleven anthems and four through-composed settings of liturgical prose texts (the Magnificat, the Nunc Dimittis, and two sections of the BCP communion service). The seventeen psalm tunes are at the front of the book, in numerical order, and the Hymn Tune Index does not cite any of them as having been published in known pre-1820 sources other than this collection.

The imprint on the title page reads 'EXETER: Printed for the Author, and sold by Edward Score, Bookseller, and James Wallis, in Plymouth'. Below this is a line 'EXETER: Printed by R. TREWMAN, behind the Guildhall'. A note on page iv at the end of the typeset preface, before the start of the engraved music, reads 'Newton-Abbot, Printed by J. Weatherdon'. The positioning of these two imprints suggests that the typeset material was printed by Weatherdon at Newton Abbot and the engraved material by Trewman at Exeter. No location is given in the book for Bennett himself, but other evidence links him to CombeinteignheadLink to the English Wikipedia article, and the dedication of the book indicates his background composing music for choirs in the areas of southern Devon in which many of his subscribers resided:

'To the worthy and respectable

The SUBSCRIBERS, the following PIECES of MUSIC, Some of which were at first composed For the Use of the Parochial Choirs In their neighbourhood, And now at their Request made Public, are, With all Gratitude, INSCRIBED, By their devoted and most obedient Servant,


This dedication is followed by a list of 2 pages of subscribers, largely from Teignbridge, the South Hams, and Torbay. The subscribing choirs are from AshburtonLink to the English Wikipedia article (four copies), Berry PomeroyLink to the English Wikipedia article, IlsingtonLink to the English Wikipedia article, and West ChinnockLink to the English Wikipedia article (in Somerset).

A New Set of Psalm Tunes and Anthems is not dated, but a publication date of around 1770 appears likely. The Hymn Tune Index gives a latest possible date of publication of 1782, on the basis of the ownership inscription of Nicholas Still Bulley, dated 'April 1st 1782' on the back of the title page of the copy in the library of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Some evidence of dating is provided by the list of subscribers, which includes ‘The Rev. Samuel Cholwich, D.D., Preb. of Exeter’. Samuel Cholwich was a prebendary of Exeter from 8 August 1758 until his death in 1775. This suggests that the publication of the book was during, or at least not long after, this period. A manuscript book from Ashburton (Devon Heritage Centre, reference 2141A/PZ3) includes three of the anthems from A New Set of Psalm Tunes and Anthems, one of which, The Lord is in his holy temple, is dated 1771.

Publication date and place: 1770 by R. Trewman in Exeter.


Mr. Thomas Arscott, Surgeon, Teingmouth.
Mr. William Adams, of Sherford.
The Choir of Ashburton. Four Books.

The Rev. Mr. Bean, of Stoke Subhamdon.
Mr. Henry Bennett, Singing-Master.
Mr. Elisha Bennett, Singing-Master.
Mr. Robert Bastard, of Cleave House.
Mr. John Blackler.
Mr. Thomas Barnes.
Mr. Isaac Bawden, Organ Builder.
Mr. Allin Belfield, Plymouth-Dock.
Mr. John Bickley.
Mr. Thomas Baker.
Mr. Robert Butland.
The Choir of Bury Pomeroy.

The Rev. Samuel Cholwich, D.D. Preb. of Exeter.
The Rev. Mr. Clyff, of Holbeton.
Mr. Edward Clyff, Attorney.
Mr. William Cornish, of Stancombe, 3 Books.
Mr. Thomas Culverwell, of Up-Ottery.
Mr. William Cookesley, Surgeon, in Ashburton.
Mr. Henry Churchward.
Mr. John Campin.
Mr. Robert Cranforde, Dittisham.
Mr. Samuel Cumpton.
Mr. James Cole.
The Choir of West Chinock.

Mr. Thomas Distin, of Paington.
Mr. Joseph Desiow, of ditto.
Mr. William Dashper.
Mr. John Dewdney.
Mr. William Dewdney.

Mr. Charles Estley, Attorney.
Elford Eveleigh, Gent.
Mr. Edward Edmonds, of Ashprington.
Mr. John Endle.

Mr. Richard Ford, of Buckland.
Mr. Henry Farley, of South Brent.
Mr. Christopher Furneaux.
Mr. John Fox.

The Rev. Mr. Gerrard, Curate of Widecomb, Two Books.
The Rev. Mr. Garratt, of Chudleigh.
Mr. Richard Garland, of Winslade.
Mr. Jeffry Goodridge, of Paington.
Mr. John Goodridge, of Ditto.
Mr. Richard Goodridge, of Ditto.
Mr. John Gillard, of Ditto.
Mr. William Gillard, Surgeon, in Brixham.
Mr. John Gooding, of Collaton Raleigh.
Mr. John German.

Arthur Holdsworth, Esq; Governor of Dartmouth.
Benjamin Hayes, Esq; of Holwell.
The Rev. Mr. Hutton, Rector of North Bovey and Lustleigh.
The Rev. Mr. Hutchings, Rector of Dittisham.
Miss Sally Hayne, of Lupton.
Mr. Abraham Hawkins, of Alston.
Mr. Richard Hosking, of South Brent.
Mr. George Hosking, of Ditto.
Mr. John Hext, of Ditto.
Mr. Philip Hanaford, of Stokegabriel.
Mr. Thomas Hill, of Kingsbridge.
Mr. Joseph Hamlyn.
Mr. Courtis Hingstone,
Mr. Richard Hardy.

Mrs. Ilbert, of Bowringsleigh.
The Choir of Ilsington.

Mr. Charles Hutton Jervoise.
Mr. John Jellard, of Dodbrook.

Mr. William King, of Brixham.
Mr. John King, of Bury Pomeroy.
Mr. Thomas King, of Ditto.

Mr. Andrew Ledstone, of South Huish.
Mr. Stephen Lakeman.
Mr. James Lambe.
Mr. John Loveys.
Mr. John Lamble.
Mr. Abraham Letten.

Mr Thomas Maddick, Singing Master.
Mr. John Marnell.
Mr. John Metguard.
Mr. William Metherell, of Paington.
Mr. Henry Metherell, of Ditto.
Mr. John Mathews.
Mr. Henry Manning.
Mr. William Mitchelmore.
Mr. Robert Morgan.

The Rev. Mr. Naylor, Vicar of Ashburton, Two Books.
Mrs. Ann Newman, Dartmouth.
Mr. John Northey, Paington.
Mr. Elias Neck, Bury Pomeroy.
Mr. William Norrish.

Rev. Mr. Pyne, Rector of Combintinhead.
Mr. Perham, of Widworthy.
Mr. Nathaniel Pratt, of Ven-Ottery.
Mr. John Prout, of Paington.
Mr. William Prout, of Stokeinham.
Mr. John Paige, of Ditto.
Mr. William Pepperell, of Ditto.
Mr. William Pitts, of Ditto.
Mr. John Perrett.

William Roberts, Esq; of Stokeleigh.
The Rev. Mr. Rennell, Vicar of Stokeinham, &c.
Mr. John Reeve, of Brixham.

Richard Strode, Esq; of Butterford.
E. Spry, Phil. L. L. M. D. &c.
Mrs. Southcote, of Buckland Tout Saints.
Rev. Mr. Shepherd, Vicar of Dean Prior.
Mr. Robert Spark, Merchant, in Dartmouth.
Mr. William Sumpter, Stokeinham, 2 Books.
Mr. Nicholas Sumpter, of Ditto.
Mr. Edward Score, Exeter, Seven Books.
Mr. John Smith, of Charleton.
Mr. William Smith, of Dittisham.
Mr. William Skelton, of South Brent.
Mr. Richard Slidston, of Ditto, Two Books.
Mr. James Strong, Two Books.
Mr. William Southwood, Two Books.
Mr. Nicholas Southwood.
Mr. John Skinner, Dartington.
Mr. John Soper.
Mr. John Shapter.
Mr. George Steer.
Mr. Nicholas Shapley.
Mr. John Simmons.
Mr. William Smerdon.
Mr. Nicholas Smerdon.
Mr. Elias Smerdon.

The Rev. William Terry, D. D.
The Rev. A. Thornton, Dartmouth.
Mr. Solomon Tozer, Newton Abbot.
Mr. Daniel Townsend.
Mr. Henry Treby.
Mr. Phillip Trant.
Mr. Edward Torr.
Mr. Philip Thorn.

Mr. Edward Upjohn, Lyme Regis.
Mr. Henry Veal.

The Rev. Mr. Whinyates, Rector of Charleton.
The Rev. Mr. Wilcocks, West-Alvington.
Mr. William Woodly, Bredford.
Mr. Whitty, Merchant, in Dartmouth.
Mrs. Whitty.
Mr. Richard Winson.
Mr. John Winter.
Mr. Thomas Wallis.
Mr. Thomas Westerbrook.
Mr. William Wallis.
Mr. Thomas Winsor.
Mr. Thomas Williamson.
Mr. John White.

List of works

Pages Description Text
014 Psalm 1st In this Tune ye Above Graces are Easely Learnt How blest is he who ne'er consents
025 Psalm ye 4th O Lord, that art my righteous judge
035 Psalm ye 8th O thou to whom all creatures bow
046 Psalm 16th verse ye 8th &c. I strive each action to approve
056 Psalm 29th Ye princes that in might excel
067 Psalm 31st Defend me, Lord, from shame
078-9 PSALM 34th Through all the changing scenes of life
0810 Psalm 66th Let all the lands with shouts of joy
0911 PSALM 71st In thee I put my stedfast trust
1011 Psalm 81st or 33d Let all the just to God with joy
1112 PSALM 84th O God of hosts, the mighty Lord
1213 PSALM 92d How good and pleasant must it be
1314 Psalm 106th O render thanks to God above
1415 Psalm 116th My soul with grateful thoughts of love
1516-17 Psalm 118th Verse ye 19th &c. Then open wide the temple gates
1617 Psalm 119th How blest are they who always keep
1718-19 Psalm 149th Verse 1st 2d O praise ye the Lord, prepare your glad voice
1820-23 Psalm 28th To render thanks unto the Lord
1924-27 An ANTHEM Psalm ye 149th O sing unto the Lord a new song
2028-30 ANTHEM PSALM 62d My soul truly waiteth still upon God
2131-35 ANTHEM Psalm ye 112th Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord
2235-39 ANTHEM Psalm ye 16th I have set God alway before me
2339-43 The COMMUNION HYMN. Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace
2444-49 ANTHEM Psalms 42d & 43d Like as the hart desireth the water brooks
2549-57 ANTHEM Psalm ye 139th O Lord, thou hast searched me out and known me
2657-64 Anthem Habakkuk Chaptr 2d & 3d The Lord is in his holy temple
2765-72 ANTHEM Psalm ye 4th Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness
2873-81 ANTHEM Psalm 63d O God, thou art my God
2981-88 An ANTHEM JOEL Chapr ye 2d Blow ye the trumpet in Sion
3089-94 An ANTHEM WISDOM Chap. 3d Proper for Funerals The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God
3195-98 MAGNIFICAT My soul doth magnify the Lord
3299-100 NUNC DIMITTIS Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart
33100-103 A HYMN for Christmas Day. The Words by E: SPRY M.D. &c of TOTNES. Inspired by fire prophetic, Isaiah said
34103-104 An HYMN in ye Communion Office Therefore with angels and archangels

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Inspired by fire prophetic, Isaiah said 1770 100 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in E minor 1770 95 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
My soul truly waiteth still upon God 1770 28 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
O God of hosts, the mighty Lord 1770 12 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O Lord, that art my righteous judge 1770 5 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O sing unto the Lord a new song 1770 24 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
To render thanks unto the Lord 1770 20 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB

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