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Born: 19 October 1959


Allan Loucks is an American composer, pianist, and conductor. His hundreds of orchestral and choral compositions have been heard nationwide in a wide range of media. Examples include game music, educational software packages, films, TV, advertising, live theater productions, news reports, print publications, websites, dance, opera, sacred music, experimental works, non-linear adaptive music scores, interactive music, multi-dimensional/positional/immersive music, the concert hall, and more.

Being an active and working composer/musician in the music scene for many years, he has served numerous composer residencies, and has toured North America full-time as concert pianist and multi-keyboardist in a variety of bands and orchestras.

Some notable bands include: keyboardist with "Racer", keyboardist with "Tin Ear", and keyboardist with "Ellis and Lynch". Many of his projects involved his multi-instrumentalist/composer brother David Loucks.

Currently, in addition to his composing projects, Loucks can also be found performing and recording with various choirs, bands, and orchestras.

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