Angelo Grillo

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Alias: Livio Celiano


Born: 1557

Died: 1629


Don Angelo Grillo O.S.B. was an Italian early baroque poet whose madrigal texts were set by Monteverdi, Orazio Vecchi, Luca Marenzio, Salamone Rossi and others. His pen name was Livio Celiano.

A close relationship between Grillo and Monteverdi appears in their correspondence, which began about 1610 and continued until the poet's death in 1629.

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Texts by Angelo Grillo

Settings of text by Angelo Grillo


  • Rime morali (1580 and 1599)
  • Affetti pietosi (1581)
  • Pompe della Morte (1599)
  • Canoro pianto (1613)
  • Elogio di Giovanni Imperiali di doge a Genova (1618)

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