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Aliases: John Bedingham; John Boddenham; John Bodenham


Died: c.1459/60


For the composer of some of the most popular chansons of the period, little is known about John Bedyngham. He might have been the man of a similar name who studied at Winchester and Oxford; this man took law degrees at the same time that Bedyngham's name appears on the list of London's Guild of Parish Clerks, 1449 (Fallows, New Grove entry). Bedyngham wrote various sacred works, including a mass on Binchois' Dueil Angoisseux, but his most transmitted works were his songs, which include Gentil madonna, So ys emprentid, Myn hertis lust, and O Rosa bella, the last often ascribed to John Dunstable.

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List of choral works

For 3 voices unless otherwise noted

  • Missa Dueil angoisseux 3vv. (Gloria & Credo in Trent 88; only in Trent 90's version of the Gloria is there an attribution to Bedyngham and there the Credo has a 4th voice. Trent 90 also includes a parody Kyrie, and the Sanctus & Agnus that follow in the ms, though unrelated to Dueil angoisseux, are claimed to be part of the same mass and also plausibly by Bedyngham.)
  • Missa sine nomine
  • Manus Dei (a 2)
  • Salva Jesu
  • Vide Domine (a 2)
  • Myn hertis lust (also as Ave verum gaudium and Beata es virgo Maria)
  • So ys emprentid, (also ascribed Frye; contrafactum Sancta Maria succurre miseris)
  • Durer ne puis (also ascribed Dunstaple)
  • Mon seul plaisir (also ascribed Dufay)
  • Se belle (ascribed ‘Benigun’); intabulated in Buxheimer Orgelbuch as Sebelle anglicum
  • Gentil madona (contrafacta [F]esto isti servi, Fortune Domine miserere & Humil madonna non mi abandonnare, a lauda by Francesco d’Albizo)
  • Le serviteur (contrafactum Superno nunc emittitur; also used as contrafactum for Le serviteur (Guillaume Dufay) in same MS)
  • O rosa bella (John Dunstable) (also version with added voices)

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