Benedictus de Opiciis

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Aliases: Benedictus de Opitiis; Benedict Opicius; Benet Opitius


Born: c. 1476

Died: 1524


In 1515 he held the title of Prince of the St. Luke guild of artisans, and in that capacity headed the rhetoricians’ chamber known as the Gillyflower (Violieren) which was linked to the guild. In February of that year the guild won the highest prize for their participation during the grand entry into Antwerp of Archduke Charles, the occasion documented in de Gheet’s Lofzangen. In February 1516 the Antwerp church archives note Opitiis’s long service and his departure for England.

In July 1516 ‘Benet de Opitiis, player at organ' was appointed to serve Henry VIII, and in 1518 he purchased a regal for the royal court. He joined the London church musicians' guild of St. Nicholas in 1520. He may have been the English organist who performed along with Jean Mouton in June 1520, when Henry VIII and François I met at the Field of Cloth of Gold, and it is equally possible that he took part in the July 1520 festivities at Calais for Henry VIII and Charles V.

One of his works is featured in the Royal 11 E. xi manuscript (Sub tuum praesidium).

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  • Lofzangen ter ere van Keizer Maximiliaan en zijn kleinzoon Karel den Vijfden (Antwerp, 1515/R)

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