Benjamin Ipavec

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Benjamin Ipavec


Born: 24 December 1829, Šentjur (near Celje)

Died: 20 December 1908, Graz

Dr. Benjamin Ipavec was born in a well known house of doctors and musicians, who left important traces in slovenian music culture. He studied medicine in Graz and in Vienna and music in Graz where he was employed as a doctor between 1871 and 1898. He is also known to be the first slovenian pediatrician. His brother Gustav Ipavec was also a doctor and a composer. Benjamin belongs to the romantic style of composing, though leaning to classicistic musical elements. His most known work is Serenada for string orchestra, which is aviso on Ars radio at Slovenian national Radio station.

He is author of many vocal works and works for piano, of opera Teharski plemiči, and of operette Tičnik.

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List of choral works

List of works for solo voice (Lieder)

  • Nezakonska mati (The unmarried mother)
  • Ob studencu (By the well)
  • Oblaku (To a cloud)
  • Pomladni veter (Spring Wind)
  • Pozabil sem mnogokaj (I have forgotten much)
  • Romanca (Romance)
  • Slovenske pesmi (Slovenian songs)
  • V spominsko knjigo (For an album)

List of operistic works

  • Teharski plemiči (The noblemen of Teharje) - Opera
  • Tičnik (The Aviary) - Operetta

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