Blessed city, heavenly Salem

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General information

Translation of Urbs beata Jerusalem by John Mason Neale.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1  Blessed city, heavenly Salem,
Vision dear of peace and love,
Who of living stones art builded
In the height of heaven above,
And by Angel hands apparelled,
As a bride doth earthward move;
2  Out of heaven from God descending,
New and ready to be wed
To thy Lord, whose love espoused thee,
Fair adorned shalt thou be led;
All thy gates and all thy bulwarks
Of pure gold are fashioned.
3  Bright thy gates of pearl are shining;
They are open evermore;
And their well-earned rest attaining
Thither faithful souls do soar,
Who for Christ's dear Name in this world
Pain and tribulation bore.
4  Many a blow and biting sculpture
Polished well those stones elect,
In their places now compacted
By the heavenly Architect,
Nevermore to leave the Temple
Which with them the Lord hath decked.
5  To this Temple, where we call Thee,
Come, O Lord of hosts, today;
With Thy wonted loving kindness,
Hear Thy servants as they pray;
And Thy fullest benediction
Shed within its walls alway.

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