Brethren, why toil ye thus for toys

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General information

This is an hymn by Joseph Hart, 1759, Hymn 112, entitled A General Admonition. Meter is 87. 87.

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English.png English text

1. Brethren, why toil ye thus for toys
And reckon trash for treasure;
Call gay deceptions solid joys,
Intoxication pleasure?

2. If more refined amusements please,
As knowledge, arts, or learning,
A moment puts an end to these,
And sometimes short's the warning.

3. What balm could wretches ever find
In wit, to heal affliction?
Or who can cure a troubled mind
With all the pomp of diction?

3. Reflect, what trifles ye pursue,
So anxious and so heedful;
For after all (you'll find it true),
There is but one thing needful.


5. God in his scriptures to reveal
His will has condescended;
Where there is said, he will fulfill,
Though man may be offended.

6. This written word with reverence treat:
Join prayer with each inspection;
And be not wise in self-conceit:
Tis folly to perfection.

7. True wisdom, of celestial birth,
Can both instruct and cherish;
Other attainments are of earth:
And all that's earth's must perish.
8. The chief concern of fallen mankind
Should be to gain God's favor;
What safety can the sinner find,
Before he find a Savior?


9.This Savior must be one that can
From sin and death release us;
Make up the breach 'twixt God and man,
Which none can do, but Jesus.

10. Jesus is judge of quick and dead,
And there is non beside him;
Whether his power we flight or dread,
Adore him, or deride him.

11. What-e'er we judge ourselves, we must
Or stand, or fall by his doom;
And they that in this Jesus trust,
Have found eternal wisdom.

12. Mercy and love, from Jesus felt,
Can heal a wounded spirit;
Mercy, that triumphs over guilt,
And love, that seeks no merit.


13. Then kiss the Son, for from his wrath
No wisdom can deliver;
Close in with Christ, by saving faith,
And God's your friend forever.

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