Caspar Othmayr

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Born: 12 March 1515 Amberg

Died: 4 February 1553 Nuremberg

Biography Though there are gaps in the record of Othmayr's life, he studied at Heidelberg 1533-36, taught at the Lateinschule of Heilsbronn monastery 1543-47, and submitted a birth certificate to apply for a position at St Gumbertus in Ansbach in 1545. An expected promotion to provost of St Gumbertus in 1548 turned instead into a very lengthy lawsuit.

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List of choral works

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  • [10] Cantilenae aliquot elegantes ac piae, 4, 5vv (Nuremberg, 1546)
  • [2] Epitaphium D. Martini Lutheri, 5vv (Nuremberg, 1546)
  • [34] Symbola illustrissimorum principum, nobilium, aliorumque … virorum, 5vv (Nuremberg, 1547)
  • [44] Bicinia sacra (Nuremberg, 1547/18)
  • [30] Tricinia (Nuremberg, 1549)
  • [50] Reutterische und jegerische Liedlein, 4, 5vv (Nuremberg, 1549)

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