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Anglican church music has its own specialised terminology.

Anthems (>la:antiphona, via fr:antienne) are divided according to performing forces into full anthems employing full chorus with merely doubling organ and verse anthems, where 'full' sections are contrasted with solos, duets, trios &c in which the continuo has an independent obligato role. In the Restoration era symphony anthems emerge as another type, with more than an accompaniment role for the orchestra, in contrast to the earlier consort anthem, a subtype of the verse anthem.

Service music refers primarily to the Canticles associated with Morning Prayer (Te Deum & Jubilate, with alternates Venite & Benedictus Deus Israel), Evening Prayer (Magnificat and Nunc dimittis & their rare alternates Cantate Domino & Deus misereatur), and the Communion Service ('Kyrie' or Preces and Responses & Creed, sometimes including Gloria in excelsis & Sanctus). A Whole Service contains music for either all or the first 2 of these and is not to be confused with a Full Service in the style described above for full anthem. Because Services in 'full' style tend toward a brisk homophony, they are sometimes called Short Services. The Burial Service is a 4th liturgy.

Anglican Chant derives from faux bourdon or falso bourdone, harmonized versions of Psalm tones.


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