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The Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 27 in Anglican kalendars) was first observed in 1970, following the Second Vatican Council and the adoptation by many churches of the three-year lectionary. The three pericopes are organized around the Gospels of Matthew 25 (the wise & foolish virgins), Mark 12 (the widow's mite), and Luke 20 (the resurrected neither marry nor are given in marriage). The propers are borrowed from existing chants.

Proper Gregorian Missal (1990) assignments in Gradual Romanum (1961)
Introit: Intret oratio mea
Saturday of Lent I
Gradual: Dirigatur oratio mea
Alleluia verse: Quinque prudentes virgines (Year A)
Qui posuit fines (B & C)
Saint Agnes (Jan. 21)
Votive Mass for Peace
Offertory: Gressus meos dirige
Saturday of Lent III
Communion: Quinque prudentes virgines (A)
Dominus regit me (B & C)
Common of Virgins
Saturday of Lent IV