Charles Gounod

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Charles Gounod


Born: 17 June 1818

Died: 17 October 1893


(Lived in England 1870–1874 and was appointed director of the Royal Albert Hall Choral Society, later renamed the Royal Choral Society.)

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List of selected choral works (manually maintained)


English Part-songs for Mixed Voices

  1. Omnipotent Lord
  2. Little Celandine
  3. Gitanella
  4. Bright star of eve
  5. My true love hath my heart
  6. Take me, Mother Earth

Secular works for Mixed Voices

Secular works for Male Voices

Secular works for solo voice

List of choral works at CPDL (automatically updated)

Sacred works

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Sacred works in French

Sacred works in English

Secular works

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