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Name of Website: PML Music Editions: music prepared by Philip Legge

Manager: Philip Legge (Philip·M·Legge AT gmail·com)

Date added: 2001-08-31 (main link changed June 4, 2004)

Date verified:   2007-08-22

Copyright information: Most of the editions are copyrighted as follows:

  • personal copyrights, e.g. © Philip Legge. All rights reserved.
These editions are not free, and are available on the web only for you to assess whether they will be of any use. Contact me if you wish to use one of these editions.
Edition may be freely distributed, duplicated, performed, or recorded. All other rights reserved.
  • assigned to other copyright holders.

As of 2009, most of these licences are being transferred over to one of the Creative Commons licences. The ones listed with a personal copyright will use the by-nc-nd licence, while those with a CPDL-type copyright will be licenced under one of the relatively permissive licences such as by-sa. The Creative Commons website gives both an exact legal definition of terms of use, as well as a simple, plain-language prècis of the sort of uses you can make of the music.

Description: Managed by Philip Legge. To take full advantage of this site, it is recommended you obtain the Scorch plug-in from The Editions page is a catch-all page for the various music edited by Philip Legge, and there are many sub-pages for particular composers and works: