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Since the CPDL website was brought back online in mid-July, volunteers have been working to restore as much of the three months of scores, translations, and other features that were lost in the crash. There is much to be done, however, and your help and patience are much appreciated.

Raf Ornes, the Admin for CPDL, has informed us that he is currently backing up all elements of the website weekly. He also plans to update the wiki software to the newest version, creating an exact mirror site on the server (, then updating and debugging it there before porting the new version to the main server.

Also newly restored are two deletion templates: Template:delnow for requesting an immediate deletion of a page (typically because of error in title or superfluous redirect), and Template:delreq for requesting that a page be considered for deletion, pending a discussion of the merits of such action. Please refer to these templates and their talk pages for the particular usage and syntax required. The old Template:Delete has now once again been removed. Pages marked for immediate deletion may be found in Category:Delete immediately, and pages marked for consideration to delete may be found in Category:Delete requests. Both of these are subcategories of Category:Delete

-- Chucktalk Giffen 07:43, 7 September 2007 (PDT)