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Note: Since this article was written, the Project 1500 goal has been exceeded. A separate News Item will be posted soon.

The Choral Public Domain Library appeals to our user community to help CPDL meet our goal for this year of adding 1500 new scores of choral and vocal works previously not available on our site. As of this writing, we are about 205 new score pages short of this goal!

Since December 1998, CPDL has served the choral community as one of the largest (if not the largest) providers of free scores of choral and vocal music . We have been able to do this through the generosity of editors contributing their editions for use by others at no charge. Now, as we approach our 12th anniversary, the goal of providing 1500 previously unavailable choral/vocal scores in 2010 is in sight. Please help us achieve this milestone.

How You Can Help Your CPDL Community:

  • do you have half-finished scores you can finish?
  • have you been meaning to do an edition of a particular copyright-clear* work?
  • do you want to try creating your first edition?
  • are you able to look at some of the open Requests by other users and help out?

CPDL could not have become what it is today without contributions by the many editors who have contributed their editions. In October 2010, our site received over 800,000 visits. CPDL is well known to choral directors, helping them have access to music they otherwise do not have the budget to purchase. We are grateful to the editors who have shared their music scores on our site.

If you would like to connect with other CPDL users regarding questions about editing your score, please post on the CPDL community user forums.

 * Note: In keeping with our terms of use, editions must not violate the rights of third parties