Congregational Anthem Book

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General information

Title: Congregational Anthem Book
Editor / Compiler: Eric Harding Thiman

Publisher: Independent Press, Ltd., London, UK

Price: Unknown

ISBN-10: Unknown
ISBN-13: Unknown

Voicing of works: SATB with organ unless otherwise noted

Publication date and place: 1959 by Independent Press in London.


  • The items composed or arranged by J.S. Bach are settings of Chorales from various compositions, with English translations of the respective texts, and most often without specfically identifying the source.
  • Items 36 and 37 are the Elgar and Mozart settings of "Ave Verum Corpus" and Item 54 is the Franck setting of "Panis Angelicus", all with English texts; the links for these items are to existing CPDL pages with Latin texts.
  • Items 86 through 98 all have Latin titles in the source, but the traditional English texts.


Tip: Titles in the title column which appear in blue are hyperlinks to the score page on CPDL - click on them for free editions.

Page Number Title Composer
1 1 A Day in thy Courts George Alexander Macfarren
8 2 And now, another day is gone Leonard Blake
12 3 Beside thy Cradle here I stand Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. C. S. Terry
13 4 Blessed are the Pure in Heart Henry Walford Davies
15 5 Blessed are they that alway keep judgement      Samuel Sebastian Wesley
17 6 Blessed be the God of Israel Henry Thomas Smart
25 7 Blessing, Glory, Wisdom, and Thanks Herbert Brewer
28 8 Break Forth, O beauteous Heavenly Light Johann Sebastian Bach
29 9 Break Thou the Bread of Life Harold Hall
33 10 Christ hath a Garden Eric Harding Thiman
38 11 Come, Holy Ghost Thomas Attwood
42 12 Comfort the Soul of thy Servant William Crotch
44 13 Fair was the Garden Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
47 14 Fear not, O Land Edward Elgar
56 15 Fight the good fight Harold Rhodes
62 16 From all that dwell beneath the skies Thomas Attwood Walmisley
65 17 From the rising of the sun Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley
68 18 Go forth into the World in Peace Martin Shaw
72 19 God is a Spirit Henry Thomas Smart
74 20 God so loved the World John Goss
76 21 Gracious Lord of all our Being Johann Schop, arr. Johann Sebastian Bach
86 22 Hail, Gladdening Light Geoffrey Shaw
89 23 Hear the voice and prayer Thomas Tallis, ed. John E. West
97 24 Hide not Thou thy face Richard Farrant
99 25 Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) Abt Vogler
101 26 Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) Thomas Attwood
102 27 Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) John Camidge
103 28 Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) Orlando Gibbons
104 29 How lovely are the messengers Felix Mendelssohn
116 30 I heard a voice from Heaven John Goss
119 31 I sing the birth Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
124 32 I will arise R. Creyghton
131 33 I Will Lift up Mine Eyes John Clarke-Whitfeld
136 34 If we believe that Jesus died John Goss
146 35 If ye love me Thomas Tallis
149 36 Jesu, Word of God Edward Elgar
153 37 Jesu, Word of God Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
155 38 Judge eternal Stanley Marchant
162 39 King All Glorious C. H. Kitson
165 40 Lead me Lord Samuel Sebastian Wesley
168 41 Lead us, Heavenly Father Roger Quilter
171 42 Let all the World George Dyson
175 43 Let my Prayer be set forth Charles Macpherson
180 44 Let the Wicked forsake his way John Goss
185 45 Let thy merciful ears Thomas Weelkes, ed. Edmund H. Fellowes
(the composer is now believed to be Thomas Mudd)
187 46 Like as the Hart Vincent Francis Novello
189 47 Look down from Heaven John Goss
195 48 Lord, for thy tender Mercies' sake John Hilton
(it is now believed that the composer was Richard Farrant)
197 49 Lord, give me Faith Kathleen Robson
201 50 Lord of all Power and Might E. Minshall
203 51 My God, and is thy table spread Henry Walford Davies
207 52 My Soul, there is a Country Alexander Brent Smith
211 53 Never weather-beaten sail Thomas Campion
213 54 O Bread of Heaven César Franck
219 55 O Brother Man Geoffrey Shaw
223 56 O come, ye servants of the Lord Christopher Tye
225 57 O God of Bethel Christopher Tye
227 58 O Lord, My God, to thee attrib. Jacob Arcadelt
229 59 O Lord, my trust is in thy mercy King Hall
233 60 O Lord, support us all the day long Eric Harding Thiman
239 61 O Lord, the maker of all things William Mundy ed. Edmund H. Fellowes
243 62 O Praise God in his Holiness John Weldon
245 63 O Saviour of the world John Goss
249 64 O Saviour with protecting care Henry Walford Davies
251 65 O Sons and Daughters arr. Henry Walford Davies
256 66 O taste and see John Goss
257 67 O ye who bear Christ's holy Name Godfrey Samson
267 68 Rejoice, and Sing harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
268 69 Save us, O Lord, while waking George C. Martin
273 70 Sweet Savior, bless us Basil Harwood
279 71 Teach me, O Lord Thomas Attwood
282 72 The Blessed Birth Henry Walford Davies
286 73 The Heavens Proclaim Him Ludwig van Beethoven
288 74 The Lord is my Shepherd Henry Thomas Smart
298 75 The souls of the righteous George J. Elvey
300 76 Thine, O Lord, is the greatness J. Kent
303 77 Thou hast a work for me to do R. Walker Robson
305 78 Thou knowest, Lord Henry Purcell
308 79 Thou, O God, art Praised in Sion Charles Macpherson
313 80 Thou Visitest the earth Maurice Greene
320 81 Thou wilt keep him in perfect Peace C. Lee Williams
323 82 Turn thee again, O Lord Thomas Attwood
328 83 Turn thy face from my sins Thomas Attwood
330 84 Up, Up! My Heart! With Gladness Johann Sebastian Bach
332 85 When called by thee Johann Sebastian Bach
334 86 Te Deum Laudamus Henry Thomas Smart
348 87 Te Deum Laudamus Charles Villiers Stanford
365 88 Benedictus Dominus Deus G. J. Bennett
373 89 Benedictus Dominus Deus John Ireland
385 90 Jubilate Deo Charles Villiers Stanford
394 91 Magnificat Harvey Grace
402 92 Nunc dimittis Harvey Grace
406 93 Magnificat Charles Macpherson
414 94 Nunc dimittis Charles Macpherson
418 95 Magnificat Charles Hylton Stewart
423 96 Nunc dimittis Charles Hylton Stewart
426 97 Magnificat F. W. Wadely
434 98 Nunc dimittis F. W. Wadely