Elzear Genet

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Aliases: Elzear Carpentras; Elzear Carpentrasso


Born: 1470-5?

Died: 14 June 1548

Biography Elzéar Genet was hired as a choirmaster in Avignon in 1505. His description, "clerico carpentrasso", suggests that he was old enough to have been ordained and that he was already using the town of his birth as a name. By 1508 he was at the papal chapel of Julius II as a singer and in 1515 Leo X appointed him master. He spent the papacy of Adrian VILink to the English Wikipedia article (1522-3) abroad; it is unclear whether he returned to present his Lamentations to Clement VIILink to the English Wikipedia article in person around 1524, but by 1526 he was afflicted with tinnitus. In 1531 he contracted the Avignon printer Jean de Channey to publish a collected works; a handful of secular pieces appeared in anthologies.

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List of choral works

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  • Liber primus missarum Carpentras (5 masses) (Avignon, 1532)
  • Liber Lamentationum Hieremiae prophetae Carpentras (11 lessons; other versions in ms. as well) (Avignon, 1532):
  • Liber hymnorum usus Romae ecclesiae authore Carpentras (25 hymns) (Avignon, c. 1535)
  • Liber cantici Magnificat omnium tonorum authore Carpentras (13 magnificats & 28 motets) (Avignon, c. 1535–9)

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