François Couperin

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Born: 10 November 1668

Died: 11 September 1733


Known as Couperin le grand to distinguish him from the rest of a musical dynasty, on his 18th birthday François succeeded Lalande as organist at St. Gervais, a post held by Couperin's father Charles as well as his uncle Louis Couperin. He was appointed organiste du roi on 26 December 1693, and in 1717 replaced D’Anglebert as ordinaire de la musique de la chambre du roi pour le clavecin. Besides an extensive body of keyboard works and trio sonatas, he wrote psalms (published), motets (mostly mss.), Lamentations (of which only the first installment survives), and secular songs (mostly appearing in periodicals).

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List of choral works

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  • 4 versets (from Ps cxviii) d’un motet composé de l’ordre du roy … On y joint le verset ‘Qui dat nivem’ du psaume ‘Lauda Jerusalem’ (Paris, 1703)
  • 7 versets (from Ps lxxxiv) du motet composé de l’ordre du roy (Paris, 1704)
  • 7 versets (from Ps lxxix) du motet composé de l’ordre du roy (Paris, 1705)
  • Leçons de tenébres a 1 et a 2 voix … premier jour (Paris, between 1713 and 1717) (the remaining 6 lessons are called forthcoming but are lost)

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