Francesco de Layolle

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Aliases: Francesco dell'Aiolle; Francesco dell'Aiuola; Francesco dell'Ajolle; Francesco dell'Aiolli; François de Layolle


Born: March 4, 1492

Died: c. 1540

Biography Layolle began his career at the age of 12 as a singer at SS Annunziata, Florence, where he studied with Bartolomeo degli Organi and where his friend Andrea del Sarto included Layolle’s portrait in the church's famous mural of the Magi's journey. He left Florence in 1518 and in 1521 settled in Lyons, where he offered shelter to exiles from a failed plot against the Medici, played at the expatriate church of Notre Dame de Confort, taught Benvenuto Cellini, and befriended the publisher/composer Jacques Moderne. The Cinquanta canzoni, printed around 1540, contains an anonymous lament for Layolle.

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