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Born: c 1645, Gols, Royal Hungary

Died: April 1704

Biography Georg Christoph Strattner (c 1645 – April 1704) was a German church musician, composer, and hymn writer. Strattner was born in Gols, then in the Hungarian Burgenland. He received first musical training from his cousin Samuel Friedrich Capricornus who was the music director at the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Preßburg (Bratislava). At age fourteen, he became a choir boy at the Stuttgart court chapel. After the death of Capricornus he was from 1661 to 1666 Kapellmeister at the cour of Baden-Durlach. In 1682 Strattner became Kappelmeister at the Barfüßerkirche in Frankfurt, after two earlier applications there. In 1692 he lost this position and access to the city because of adultery and two years later he again became Kanzlist and Tenorist in Weimar, where he succeeded August Kühnel as vice-Capellmeister and replaced frequently the ailing Capellmeister Johann Samuel Drese, where for a short period Johann Sebastian Bach was violist in this ensemble. Strattner died and was buried at 11 April 1704. A few years later Bach was one of the composers to replace the capellmeister.

Strattner composed many richly scored cantatas, of which only about twente are extant in manuscripts. For a reprint of Joachim Neanders (1650-1680) hymnbook, „Vermehrte Glaub- und Liebes-Übung“ (5th edition, 1691), Strattner wrote new hymn tunes. With his tune, the hymn “Himmel, Erde Luft und Meer” is included in today's Evangelisches Kirchengesangbuch. Most of Strattners secular vocal and instrumental works (including Singballette) are lost.

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  • Frankfurter Personenlexicon (in German) [1]

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