Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari

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Born: 27 September 1677

Died: 16 May 1754


Born in Pisa, son of Constantino Clari, a violinist at the church of the Cavalieri di S Stefano in Pisa. Studied for four years with Paolo Colonna in Bologna, finishing his studies in 1695.Appointed maestro di cappella of Pistoia Cathedral in 1703, partly through the political pull of Prince Ferdinando di Medici of Florence. His stormy tenure there ended when he he left to become maestro di cappella of Pisa Cathedral in 1723. He was buried in a pauper's grave in Pisa in 1754. His students included included G.G. Brunetti, Orazio Mei, Francesco Zanetti and Paolo Fabbrini. He wrote no purely instrumental music; his output was primarily liturgical music and oratorios for local use. He was best known for chamber duets and trios, written for his students, some of which were incorporated by Handel into his Theodora (1750).

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