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The CPDL copyright license applies to all scores and texts which reside on the CPDL server, unless otherwise indicated. Be sure to check the specific edition for the type of copyright license indicated for that edition.

The CPDL license is based on the GNU GPL License, which is very common in software development. The CPDL license is a type of open-source license which allows users to download, print, copy, and distribute a score freely. Each copy must include an appropriate copyright notice as described. If any changes are made to a score or text, the subsequent modified version must still be released under the same license conditions.

CPDL also supports Creative Commons licensing, provided such licensing allows cost-free use (including performance and derivative works) of works hosted on CPDL; the license may require giving proper credit.

Note: Not all the scores which are listed on CPDL actually reside on the CPDL server. Some links point to third-party websites which may have different copyright conditions attached. Check the type of license indicated and the site the edition references for more details.

If you are a copyright holder and believe your work is being infringed on CPDL, please click here for information about how to notify CPDL.

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