If that a sinner's sighs

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1  If that a sinners sighes, bee Angels food,
or that repentaunt teares bee Angels wine,
accept O Lord in this most pensive moode,
these hartie sighes and faithfull teares of mine:
That went with Peter forth most sinfullie,
but not with Peter wept most bitterlie.

2  If I had Davids Crowne to mee betide,
or all his purple robes that hee did weare,
I would lay then such honor all aside,
and onely seeke a sackcloth weede to beare,
his Pallace would I leave that I might show,
and mourne in cell for such offence, my woe.

3  Ther should these hands beat on my pensive brest
and sad, to death, for sorrow rend my haire,
my voice to call on thee, should never rest,
whose grace I seeke, whose judgement I doe feare:
upon the ground all groveling on my face,
I would beseech thy favour and good grace.


4  But since I have not meane to make the show
of my repentaunt minde, and yet I see
my sinne to greater heape than Peters grow,
wherby the daunger more it is to mee,
I put my trust in his most precious bloud,
whose life was paid to purchase all our good.
5  Thy mercie greater is then any sinne,
thy greatnesse non can ever comprehend:
wherefore O Lord, let mee thy mercie winne,
whose glorious name no time can ever end:
wherefore I say all prayse belongs to thee,
whom I beseech bee mercifull to mee.

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