In natali Domini

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1. In natali domini
Gaudent omnes angeli
Et cantant cum iubilo
Gloriam uni deo.
Virgo Deum genuit, Virgo Christum[Deum] peperit, Virgo semper intacta.

2. Natus est Emmanuel
Quem predixit Gabriel
Testis est Ezechiel
A patre processit El.
Virgo Deum…

3. Nuntiavit angelus
Gaudium pastoribus
Christi natalitia[nativitatem]
Uni Dei gloria.[Magnam jucunditatem.]
Virgo Deum…

4. Christus natus hodie
Ex Maria virgine
Non conceptus semine
Apparuit hodie.
Virgo Deum…

5. Magi Deum adorant
Aurum, thus, myrrham portant[et myrrham dant]
Regi regum domino
Gloria uni deo.
Virgo Deum…

6. Gaudeat Ecclesia
Iugiter cum gloria
Laudem det Altissimo:
Gloria uni Deo.
Virgo Deum…

English.png English translation

1. On the birthday of the Lord
Angels joy in glad accord,
And they sing in sweetest tone
Glory be to God alone.
God is born of maiden fair, Mary doth the Saviour bear; Mary ever pure.

2. Born is now Emmanuel,
He, announced by Gabriel,
He, Whom Prophets old attest,
Cometh from His Father’s Breast.
God is born…

3. This good news an Angel told
To the shepherds by their fold,
Told them of the Saviour’s Birth,
Told them of the joy for earth.
God is born…

4. Born today is Christ the child,
Born of Mary undefiled,
Born the King and Lord we own;
Glory by to God alone.
God is born…

5. See the wise their gifts unfold,
Incense, myrrh, and royal gold;
Kneeling to the eternal King,
Glory to our God! they sing.
God is born…

6. Let the Church rejoice
Regularly with glory:
Let it give praise to the Most High:
Glory to God alone. [non-metrical]

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