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Born: 15 February 1761, Topsfield, Massachusetts

Died: 6 February 1826, Topsfield, Massachusetts


Jacob Kimball, Jr., was a fifer and drummer in the Revolutionary War. After graduating from Harvard College, he was a lawyer and schoolteacher for a few years, then returned to Topsfield and returned to being a singing-master and poet. He compiled two tunebooks, Rural Harmony and Essex Harmony, mostly of his own compositions. His music shows signs of his reformist ideas (Steel and Hulan 2010). There are noticeable European influences on his harmonic expression, especially tending towards "modern" harmonies and the psalmody of the seventeenth century.

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List of choral works

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1. Psalm-Tunes

2. Set Pieces

3. Anthems

4. Compositions of Jacob Kimball arranged by others

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  • Kimball, Jacob. 1793. The Rural Harmony, Being an Original Composition in Three and Four Parts, For the Use of Music Schools and Musical Societies. Boston, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. 112 pp.
  • Kimball, Jacob. 1800. The Essex Harmony: An Original Composition, in Three and Four Parts. Exeter, New Hampshire: Henry Ranlet. 112 pp. "Part 2", 1802.

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