Johann Böschenstein

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Born: 1472

Died: 1539

Biography Son of Heinrich Böschenstein of Stein am Rein, hetook Holy Orders, and in 1505, became a Hebrew tutor at Ingolstadt. Leaving this in 1514, he went to Augsburg, where he published a Hebrew Grammar in 1514. In 1518, by recommendation of Reuchlin, he was invited to become a Greek and Hebrew tutor in Wittenberg, where he had Philipp Melancthon as a pupil. In 1519, he went to Nuremburg; in 1521 to Heidelberg; and in 1522 to Antwerp. After a short stay in Zürich, where he taught Hebrew to Zwingli, in 1523 he settled in Augsburg, where he received a royal licence to teach Hebrew. (From

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