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Aliases: Martinus de Alemania; Zohane Martini de Barbante; Zohane Martino – Also "Johannes Martini cantor capelle", "Zohane Martino todescho cantadore compositore"


Born: ca. 1440

Died: 23 October 1497

Biography Martini or ‘Giovanni d’Alemagna’ was installed in the ducal chapel at Ferrara 27 January 1473.

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List of choral works


  • Missa ‘Cela sans plus’, 4vv (on Lannoy’s chanson)
  • Missa ‘Coda di pavon’, 4vv (on Barbingant’s Der Pfoben Scwancz)
  • Missa ‘Cucu’, 4vv, ed. in DTÖ, cxx (1970)
  • Missa ‘Dio te salvi Gotterello’, 4vv
  • Missa dominicalis, 4vv
  • Missa ferialis, 4vv (Ky, San, Ag only)
  • Missa [‘In Feuers Hitz’], 3vv
  • Missa ‘Io ne tengo quanto a te’, 4vv, D
  • Missa ‘La martinella’, 4vv (on his own chanson)
  • Missa ‘Ma bouche rit’, 4vv, 2 versions, 1 ed. in D (on Ockeghem’s chanson)
  • Missa ‘Or sus, or sus’, 4vv (on anon. chanson)

Conjectural attributions

  • Missa ‘Au chant de l’alowete’, 4vv, anon. in I-Rvat S Pietro B80
  • Missa de Beata Virgine, 4vv, anon. in Rvat C.S.35, VEcap DCCLXI (Ky, Gl only)
  • Missa ‘La mort de St Gotharda’, 4vv, anon. in MOe α.M.1.13
  • Missa ‘Nos amis’, 4vv, anon. in MOe α.M.1.13)
  • Missa ‘O rosa bella’ III, 4vv, 2 versions, (anon. in MOe α.M.1.13, anon. in CZ-Ps D.G.IV.47, I-TRbc 1376 [89])

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