Liber primus sexdecim musicales modulos continens (Le Roy and Ballard)

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General information

Title: Liber primus sexdecim musicales modulos continens

Full Title: Liber primus sexdecim musicales modulos continens, ex pluribus vocibus compositos, quorum nomina sequens tabella indicat

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Motets. Language: Latin.

Publication date and place: 1553 in Paris by Adrien Le Roy and Robert Ballard, on January 9.
Description: This volume contains sixteen motets for four to eight voices by French composers, in particular Jean Maillard and Pierre Certon.


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List of works

No. Title Composer Voices Comment
1 In principio erat Verbum Jean Maillard 5 in three parts
2 Praeparate corda vestra Jean Maillard 4
3 Domine salvum fac Jean Maillard 4
4 Eripe me de inimicis meis Jean Maillard 5 in two parts
5 Ego Ioannes vidi alterum angelum Jhan Billon 5 in two parts
6 Exaudi Domine orationem Jean Maillard 5
7 Gaudent in caelis Jean Maillard 7
8 Assumpta est Maria Jean Maillard 6
9 Vidi turbam magnam Pierre Certon 5 in two parts
10 Adorna thalamum tuam Pierre Certon 5 in two parts
11 O crux splendidior Pierre Certon 5
12 Ave Regina caelorum Pierre Certon 4 in two parts
13 Regina caeli Pierre Certon 6 in two parts
14 Dignare me laudare te Jean Maillard 4
15 Inclina Domine aurem tuam Claudin de Sermisy 8
16 Regina caeli Pierre Certon 4

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer No. Subgenre Voices
Dignare me laudare te 1553 Jean Maillard 14 Motets SSAB
Domine salvum fac 1553 Jean Maillard 3 Motets STTB
Gaudent in caelis 1553 Jean Maillard 7 Antiphons SSATTBB
Praeparate corda vestra 1553 Jean Maillard 2 Motets STTB