Luca Marenzio

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Luca Marenzio


Born: October 18(?) 1553, or 1554

Died: 22 August 1599

Biography Marenzio's birth year is based on his father's statement that he was 35 years old in 1588, and the date on the conjecture he might have been born on his namesake's feast day. A singer and lutanist, the title page of Il primo libro de madrigali a sei voci (1581) announces him maestro di cappella to Cardinal Luigi d’Este, whose 'cappella' to be sure might have had only one member. He spent 1581-6 in Rome, was dismissed from the Florentine court in 1589, and established himself at the Vatican by 1594, entertaining John Dowland in 1595 before assuming a post in Warsaw at the court of Sigismund III, from whence he returned in 1598.

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