Magi veniunt ab oriente

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Latin.png Latin text

Magi veniunt ab oriente Ierosolimam
quaerentes et dicentes:
Ubi est qui natus est [Rex Judaeorum]
cujus stellam vídimus?
Vidimus stellam eius in oriente,
et venimus [cum muneribus] adorare Dominum.

Interrogabit magos Herodes quod signum vidissent
[super natum regem?] Stellam magnam fulgentem
cuius splendor illuminat mundum et nos cognovimus.
[Vidimus] et venimus adorare Dominum

English.png English translation

The wise men came from the East to Jerusalem
asking questions and saying:
Where is he that is born [King of the Jews],
whose star we have seen?
We have seen that star in the East,
and we have come [with gifts] to worship the Lord.

Herod questioned the magi what sign they had seen
[above the new-born king?] We recognised that brightly shining star
whose lustre lights the world and us.
We [have seen, and] have come to worship the Lord

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