Mathieu Gascongne

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Aliases: Matthieu Gascongne; Matthieu Gascogne; Matthias Gascogne; Matthias Gascoigne


Born: ca. 1485?

Died: ca. 1540?

Biography Almost nothing is known of Gascogne, whom documents from 1517-18 place at Meaux, Tours and the court of Francis I. Mss. copies surviving at Cambrai are suggestive of his origins, but the association in other sources with works by Antoine de Févin and Janequin makes it possible that his royal chapel connections reached back to 1500 and Louis XII. Attaingnant printed several motets in 1534-35. Willaert is reputed to have named Gascongne among the ‘buoni antichi’ Josquin, Ockeghem and Mouton.

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