Motetta trium vocum (Antonio Gardano)

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General information

Title: Motetta trium vocum

Full Title: Motetta trium vocum ab pluribus authoribus composita quorum nomina sunt Jachetus Gallicus, Morales Hispanus, Constantius Festa, Adrianus Wilgliardus

Composers: Jacquet de Mantua, Cristóbal de Morales, Costanzo Festa, and Adrian Willaert

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Motets. Language: Latin, 3 voices.

Publication date and place: 1543 in Venice by Antonio Gardano.
Description: A collection of twenty-four three-part motets and mass fragments by four prominent composers working in Italy. This collection was printed as three partbooks and was reprinted by Gardano in 1551 and 1569.

Facsimile: Bavarian State Library (1551)


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List of works

1. Quam pulchra es amica mea (Jacquet de Mantua)
2. O pulcherrima inter mulieres (Jacquet de Mantua)
3. In lectulo meo (Jacquet de Mantua)
4. Tu es Petrus (Cristóbal de Morales)
5. Puer natus est (Cristóbal de Morales)
6. Virgo ante partum (Jacquet de Mantua)
7. Ave Maria gratia plena (Jacquet de Mantua)
8. O clemens o pia (Jacquet de Mantua)
9. Cantate Domino et benedicite (Jacquet de Mantua)
10. Cantate domino canticum novum quia fecit (Jacquet de Mantua)
11. Cantate Domino canticum novum laus ejus (Jacquet de Mantua)
12. Sancta Maria succurre miseris (Costanzo Festa)
13. Ave virgo gratiosa (Costanzo Festa)
14. Quam pulchra es (Costanzo Festa)
15. Pleni sunt caeli (from Missa Peccata mea) (Jacquet de Mantua)
16. Benedictus (from Missa Peccata mea) (Jacquet de Mantua)
17. Agnus Dei (from Missa Peccata mea) (Jacquet de Mantua)
18. Surge amica mea (Costanzo Festa)
19. Ave regina (Costanzo Festa)
20. Ave regina (Costanzo Festa) – different work than number 19
21. Tertius del Re (Adrian Willaert)
22. Tertius del Mi (Adrian Willaert)
23. Tertius del Fa (Adrian Willaert)
24. Tertius del Sol (Adrian Willaert)

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Year No. Subgenre Voices
Ave Maria Jacquet de Mantua 1543 7 Antiphons AAT
Puer natus est Cristóbal de Morales 1543 5 Motets SAB, SAT, ATB
Quam pulchra es Costanzo Festa 1543 14 Motets SST
Quam pulchra es amica mea Jacquet de Mantua 1543 1 Motets ATB
Sancta Maria succurre miseris Costanzo Festa 1543 12 Motets SAT
Surge amica mea Costanzo Festa 1543 18 Motets SST