Musica spirituale (Angelo Gardano)

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General information

Description: The collection contains 15 sacred madrigals for five voices, each with two parts, by various distinguished composers, plus two dialogues for a double choir of ten voices. The texts of the madrigals are all based on a single source: two poems - or one, intermingling the two - of fifteen stanzas each, the first addressing the Lord, the second addressing Mary; each madrigal uses a stanza of the first one for the first part and the respective stanza of the second one for its second part. In the abstract of a detailed study (see link below) Marco Giuliano says:

"The originality of the Musica spirituale consists in the fact that the 30 (+2) pieces are based on a single literary canzone of 15 metrically identical stanzas, each in turn divided into two parts of seven and five lines respectively. Each part follows a clear narrative course: the 15 odd-numbered parts [...] develop the main themes of Christian faith according to the history of the Christian revelation; the even-numbered series rigorously are settings on the 15 mysteries of the Marian rosary.”

Full title: Musica spirituale composta da diversi eccellentisssimi Musici a cinque voci, con due dialoghi à Dieci, Novamente posta in luce. In Venetia Appresso Angelo Gardano, 1586

First Publication date and place: 1586 by Angelo Gardano in Venice.

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List of works available on CPDL or IMSLP

No. part Title Composer
1 1 Signor, cui fu già poco Andrea Gabrieli
2 2 Vergine ancella
3 1 Signor, la notte, il giorno Bartolomeo Spontone
4 2 Vergine Eccelsa
5 1 Signor, cui piacque Orazio Vecchi
6 2 Insieme e madre
7 1 Signor, per noi feconde Marco Antonio Ingegneri
8 2 Vergine, che obedisti
9 1 Signor, fra tutte l’opre Claudio Merulo
10 2 Vergine, che consoli
11 1 Signor, con tant acura Giovanni Battista Mosto
12 2 Vergine, a cui natura
13 1 Signor, l'antica legge Vincenzo Bell‘haver
14 2 Vergine, ahi come
15 1 Signor, pietà ti spinse Giaches de Wert
16 2 Virgine e Madre
17 1 Signor mentre ch'in terra Nicolo dalla Casa
18 2 Vergine, all’hor
19 1 Signor, fra tutte l’opre Giovanni Matteo Asola
20 2 Vergine, che di pianto
21 1 Signor, che già te stesso Luca Marenzio
22 2 Vergine gloriosa e lieta
23 1 Signor, le tue man sante Giovanni Gabrieli
24 2 Vergine, il cui figlio
25 1 Signor, che per dar vita Lelio Bertani
26 2 Vergine albergo sacro
27 1 Signor, che vivo torni Giovanni Cavaccio
28 2 Vergine eterna, e madre
29 1 Signor, cui il padre ha dato Giovanni Croce
30 2 Regina alma del ciel
31 Chori di Angeli (Ecco l’alma beata) Giovanni Croce
32 Donne il sommo e celeste Nicolo dalla Casa

List of works at CPDL

Title Composer Lyricist No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Chori di Angeli Giovanni Croce 31 Sacred Madrigals 10 SSSAATTTBB
Donne il sommo e celeste re Nicolo dalla Casa 32 Sacred Madrigals 10 SATTB.SSATB
Signor, l'antica legge Vincenzo Bellavere 13-14 Sacred Madrigals 5 SATTB
Signor, pietà ti spinse Giaches de Wert 15-16 Sacred Madrigals 5 SATTB
Signor che già te stesso Luca Marenzio 21-22 Sacred Madrigals 5 SATTB
Signor cui fu già poco Andrea Gabrieli 1-2 Sacred Madrigals 5 SATTT
Signor le tue man sante à 5 voci Giovanni Gabrieli 23-24 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Signor mentre ch'in terra Nicolo dalla Casa 17-18 Sacred Madrigals 5 SATTB