Patrocinium musices: Beatisimæ deiparæque Virginis Mariæ (Orlando di Lasso)

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General information

Title: Patrocinium musices: Beatisimæ deiparæque Virginis Mariæ canticum Magnificat, ad imitationem cantilenarum quarundam, 4–6vv

Description: A collection of thirteen Magnificat settings by Orlando di Lasso for four, five, and six voices.

First Publication date and place: 1587 in Munich by Adam Berg.
Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Magnificats. Language: Latin.

Facsimile: Bavarian State Library


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List of works

# Title Number of Voices Voices
1 Magnificat Primi Toni, Si par souhait 4
2 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Il est jour 4
3 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Quanto in mille anni il ciel 6
4 Magnificat Primi Toni, Dessus le marché 6
5 Magnificat Primi Toni, Susanne un jour 6 SSAATB and AATTBB
6 Magnificat Peregrini Toni, Deus in adiutorium 6
7 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Ecco ch'io lasso il core 6
8 Magnificat Primi Toni, Omnis enim homo 6
9 Magnificat Septimi Toni, Amor ecco colei 6
10 Magnificat Quarti Toni, Quando io lieta sperai 6
11 Magnificat Octavi Toni, Aria De un sonetto 5
12 Magnificat Tertii Toni, Mort et fortune 5
13 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Mais qui pourroit estre celui 6

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Magnificat Aria di un sonetto 1587 11 Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SSATB
Magnificat Il est jour 1587 2 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat Si par souhait 1587 1 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat Susanne un jour 1587 5 Sacred Evening Canticles