Pierre Barbingant

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Aliases: Pierre Barbinguant; Pierre Berbigant


Flourished: c.1445–60


French composer. Until 1960, he was widely confused with the later composer Jacobus Barbireau, partly because there is no known documentation for anybody named Barbingant. He was twice cited by Tinctoris and was named among groups of distinguished composers by both Eloy d'Amerval and Guillaume Crétin (1497). If Au travail suis is by him, as seems likely, he may have been an important influence on Ockeghem, who drew on it in two masses and in his Ma maistresse; the song was also paraphrased by Compère. Strohm has suggested that Der Pfauenschwanz (which is found in six sources, all east European, two ascribed ‘Berbigant’) may have initiated the genre of German abstract pieces with similar titles; it was used for masses by Martini and Obrecht.

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