Sacrae cantiones quinis vocibus (Giovanni Croce)

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General Information

Title: Sacrae cantiones quinis vocibus

Full Title: Sacrae cantiones quinis vocibus concinende, tum viva voce, tum etiam omni instrumentorum generi cantantu commodissimae, auctore Ioanne a Cruce Clodiensi, in Ecclesia Divi Marci Musices Magister

Composer: Giovanni Croce

Publication date and place: 1601 by Giocomo Vincenti in Venice. Second edition 1605.


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List of works

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Angelus Domini descendit 1601 9 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Aspice Domine de sede 1601 20 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Descendi in hortum meum 1601 19 Sacred Motets 5 SSATB
Deus canticum novum cantabo 1601 6 Sacred Motets 5 SAATT, ATTBB
Ego rogabo Patrem 1601 11 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes 1601 14 Sacred Motets 5 SSATB,AATTB
O sacrum convivium a 5 1601 16 Sacred Motets 5 SAATB,ATTBB
Sancta et immaculata 1601 17 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB,AATTB
Tribularer si nescirem 1601 6 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Vidi speciosam 1601 21 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB