Salamone Rossi

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Aliases: Salomone Rossi; Salomone Rossi Ebreo


Born: 19 August 1570?

Died: 1630?

Biography Rossi was hired as a musician of the Mantuan court in 1587; the table of contents of his [19] Canzonette of 1589 forms the acrostic VIVAT S R, from which it is conjectured he might have been 19 years old on the day of publication. He disappears from the record after the start the War of the Mantuan Succession (1628–31) and may have perished in the sack of July 1630 or the in the ensuing plague.

His one collection of Hebrew motets Hashirim asher leSholomo (1622-3) alludes to his name, none of the texts being from the actual 'Song of Solomon'.

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List of choral works

Sacred works

Published together in Hashirim asher leSholomo (1622 or 1623)

Secular madrigals in Italian

Madrigals for four voices
Madrigals for five voices
Madrigals for six voices

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  • Il primo libro delle canzonette, 3vv (1589)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci … con alcuni di detti madrigali nel chittarrone, 5vv, chit (1600)
  • Il secondo libro de madrigali, 5vv, bc … ed un dialogo, 8vv, nel fine (1602)
  • Il terzo libro de madrigali, con una canzona de baci nel fine, 5vv, bc (1603)
  • Il primo libro delle sinfonie e gagliarde … per sonar, 2 va/cornetts, chit/other inst (1607)
  • Il secondo libro delle sinfonie e gagliarde, a 3, per sonar … con alcune delle dette a 4–5, ed alcune canzoni per sonar, a 4, nel fine, vas, chit (1608)
  • Il quarto libro de madrigali, 5vv, bc (1610)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali a quattro voci, 4vv, bc, Op. 9 (1614)
  • Balletto, 3vv, 1617³
  • La Maddalena, Sacra Rappresentazione di Gio. Battista Andreini Fiorentino, 1617 (with various composers' contributions)
  • Il quinto libro de madrigali, 5vv, bc (1622)
  • Il quarto libro de varie sonate, sinfonie, gagliarde, brandi e corrente, 2 vn, chit (1622)
  • Hashirim asher leSholomo (IMSLP), 1622-23
  • Il terzo libro de varie sonate, sinfonie, gagliarde, brandi e corrente, 2 va da braccio, chit/other inst, op.12 (IMSLP) 1623
  • Madrigaletti per cantar a due soprani o tenori, 2vv, op.13 (1628)

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