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WARNING. This page is a draft - work in progress.

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Introduction and explanation

Since the CPDL website was migrated to a wiki website ("Choralwiki") in 2005, and until September 2013, creating new work pages and uploading new score editions to the CPDL website was quite complex, as one had to manually copy links to files and fragments of wiki code to the wiki pages relevant to the composer and to the specific work. Not all editors and contributors had sufficient computer skills to carry out such process, and administrators were overwhelmed by pending submissions to be done on behalf of editors. We now refer to this initial process as "the traditional add score method" or "the manual add score method".

Since September 2013 some automation steps have been introduced, making it possible for nearly everyone to create new work pages and upload their scores, without requiring specific computer skills or increasing the workload for administrators. The traditional method has been maintained active, though; the automated method was activated in parallel to it. Since then, the number of new editions uploaded every year has increased a lot, with more than 95% of the submissions being done using the automated method. Therefore, these instructions reflect the fact that the automated method is now the main and most recommended score submission process. However, users who are most familiar with the Traditional method can still use it as a variant of the main process.

A key element of the automated process is the automation of composer pages, that are automatically updated whenever a new work is added. This automation is based on a specific function, named SortWorks, which automatically lists all works by a certain composer according to certain criteria (e.g., by creating separate lists for sacred vs. secular music). Please note that not all composer pages have been automated using the SortWorks function: some composer pages are still maintained manually. so, whenever a new work by that composer is added, the title of the new work and the link to the relevant work page have to be added manually, by doing copy-and-paste of some wiki code, as it was necessary before the automated process was introduced. You can recognize the automated composer pages by the presence of the {{SortWorks}} function in the wiki code of the page, and the code does not have a list of works. See Help:Automating the work list on composer pages for details about the automation of composer pages and about the use of the SortWorks function.

If you added a new work and the composer page is already automated, the new work title should be automatically displayed on the page. It is possible that the work title is erroneously displayed twice, both in the main list and in the list under "Other works not listed above" at the bottom. It's a side effect of the wiki cache, because not enough time has elapsed for the cache to refresh. You can force a cache refresh by clicking on Edit followed by Save changes, or by adding ?action=purge to the URL of the page. You may have to do this twice to obtain that the cache is completely refreshed.

If you added a new work and the composer page is not automated, you have to manually copy-and-paste the wiki code fragment that links to the new work page. You will have received the wiki code fragment via email. You have to use the wiki code fragment under "Composer entry (this entry appears on the composer page, please copy/paste the line below, under List of works)", and you have to copy-and-paste it to the correct location on the page, depending on the composer page structure.

If your files are already stored on external servers, we recommend that you upload them to CPDL anyway, in order to avoid eventual broken links. But if you prefer not to, then please enter the relevant links (full URL beginning with http://) and the applicable details (file type, size, page size, number of pages, etc.) because the system cannot automatically detect such information on externally stored files.

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