Surrexit Christus hodie

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Settings by composers

  For German language settings, see also Erstanden ist der heilge Christ.
For English language settings, see also Jesus Christ is risen today.

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Surrexit Christus hodie
Humano pro solamine,

Mortem qui passus pridie
Miserrimo pro homine.

Mulieres ad tumulum
Dona ferunt aromatum,

Quaerentes Iesum dominum
Qui est salvator hominum,

Album cernentes angelum
Annuntiantes gaudium:

Mulieres o tremulae,
In Galilaeam pergite,

Discipulis hoc dicite,
Quod surrexit rex gloriae.

Petro dehinc et ceteris
Apparuit apostolis.

In hoc Paschali gaudio
Benedicamus Domino.

Gloria tibi, Domine,
Qui surrexisti e morte.

Laudetur sancta Trinitas
Deo dicamus gratias.

English.png English translation

Christ is risen today
For the comfort of all people.

He endured death yesterday
He suffered instead of Man.

Women to the tomb
Bring spices as gifts,

Search for the Lord Jesus
Who is Savior of Men.

See a white angel
Announces joy:

Women oh trembling,
Into Galilee proceed,

To disciples they declare,
That the king of glory is risen.

Peter next and the others
Appears to the apostles.

In this paschal joy
Bless the Lord.

Glory to you, Lord,
Who raised out of death.

Praise holy Trinity
We give thanks to God.

German.png German text

Erstanden ist der heilig Christ, Halleluja,
der aller Welt ein Tröster ist, Halleluja.

Zu dieser österlichen Zeit, Halleluja,
sei Gott gelobet und gebenedeit, Halleluja.

Preis sei dir, Herre Jesu Christ, Halleluja,
der du vom Tod erstanden bist, Halleluja.