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Source code

The first 2 editions on this page were made with the interface described at ChoralWiki:Gregorio, using the code below. Richard Mix (talk) 00:19, 30 October 2020 (UTC)

name: Dal ciel venne messo novello;
user-notes: Mid-13c;
commentary: Laudario Magliabechiano 18 fol. 14v ;
annotation: ;
centering-scheme: latin;
%fontsize: 12;
%spacing: vichi;
%font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
%width: 5.5;
%height: 11;
Dal(f) ciel(h) ven(i)ne(j) mes(j)so(ih) no(i)vel(gFD)lo,(e) (,)
ciò(e) fo(g) l'an(fED)gel(cd) Ga(ef)bri(g)el(hGFE)lo,(f) (::)

L'an(f)ge(h)lo(i) fu(j)e(j) mes(j)sag(ih)gi(i)o(i) a(j) Di(hGFE)o,(fg) (,)
o(f) ben(h) co(i)min(j)cio(j)e(ji) ? fi(ij)ni(hGF)o:(g) (,Z)
o(h) sa(e)via(f)men(gh)te,(i) sen(h)ça(g) ri(fef)o,(h) (,)
an(i)nun(i)ti(ij)ò(hGF) quel(ef) fior(gh) no(i)vel(hGFE)lo.(f) (::)