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Text errors on TEXT PAGE, not in score; verified in the score here and in, and in a copy of a score from the Volume V of the Dietrich Buxtehudes Werke collected edition, and checked with Google Translate:

I have already fixed the errors in the text section:

Versus 1, line 3: "meine Zier" should be "mein Begier" (also error in score)

Versus 2, line 7: "itzt" should be "jetzt"

Versus 3, line 2: "Todes Rachen" should be "Todesrachen"

Versus 3, line 3: "darzu" should be "dazu"

Versus 4, line 6: "bleibt" should be "bleibet" (also error in score)

In addition, there are some errors in this score which I could not fix:

Versus 1, line 3 should be: "Jesu, mein Begier," which translates to "Jesus, my desire" rather than this score's "Jesu mei-Begier" (this score) or "Jesu meine Zier" as in the score on I base this on the score I believe to be from the collected edition as well as "desire" being much more reasonable than "adornment" ("Zier"). This is an error in the score (bar 5: "mei-" should be "mein ") as well as the text page.

Very minor errors: Versus 2, bar 10: sixteenth notes for "er-" should be beamed together. Bar 16, missing hyphen in "Höl-le"

Versus 2, bars 17-18 and 20-21: should be "de-cken"

Versus 4, bars 24-25: "bleibt bet" should be "blei-bet"

Versus 6, bar 12: "Freu-de" should be "Zu-cker" ("sweetness", especially since "Freude" appears as the last word of the last line)

Paul M. Johns (talk) 23:21, 17 November 2012 (CST) Paul M. Johns