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Geertje van Arum proposed a cleanup by changing "viols" to "violins." No cleanup is necessary, as viols would be the correct choice for this piece. For anyone not familiar with the instrument, "viol" is the term normally used in English for "viola da gamba." - JMD

Appears to derive from British library Add. Mss. 17786-91 (Superior-Medius-Contratenor-Tenor-Bassus) with words imported from elsewhere (?Oxford carol book). I can't remember whether this source has underlay under only one part (which is common for consort songs where other parts are for viol or voice), or under none. Contratenor almost certainly cleffed for an alto voice (although I have retained no note of this). Mss plausibly dated c1605 (an arrangement of a song of c.1590), not c.1550 as stated here.Cjshawcj 05:13, 25 February 2012 (CST)