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Displays a partial list of settings of a lyricist. Differently from template {{LyricistSettingsList}} that lists all works including words by this lyricist, this template excludes from the list those works that have already been added by hand to the page. Recommended formats for hand-entered settings:

«First line of text» – «Citation of Source» («Year published») – [[«Work title» («Composer»)]]
«First line of text» – «Citation of Source»
[[«Work1 title» («Composer»)]] «Date of Work1»
[[«Work2 title» («Composer»)]] «Date of Work2»
[[«Work3 title» («Composer»)]] «Date of Work3»

The «First line of text» could be a link to a text page, if a page for that text exists.

For example (on the Henry Alline page (where the 1786 publication is referenced):

O how distressing was the scene – Hymn 8, Book 3 (1786) – Vienna (Samuel Holyoke)

Another example from the Isaac Watts page:

William Billings 4 vo. 1787
Daniel Read 3 vo. 1795
Daniel Belknap 4 vo. 1797
Stephen Jenks 4 vo. 1807
Thomas Clark 4 vo. 1811

A line of the kind {{Lyricist|«Lyricist name»}} is required on each works page for it to be included in the listings.

Lyricist pages with partial lists actively generated by LyricistAutoList will be included in the category Lyricist pages with automated partial lists. If all works have already been included by hand to the lyricist page, nothing is displayed by LyricistAutoList.


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