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[[{{{1}}} (NoComp)|{{{1}}}]]


Main form (without "enhancements"):

{{NoComp|Title of work|Composer name}}

creates a link to Title of work (Composer name) which displays as Title of work, i.e. without the composer name. It is intended as a shortcut for having to type:

[[Title of work(Composer name)|''Title of work'']]

and results in a great saving of effort and filesize on composer pages, which frequently use this construct.

Complete form (with "enhancements"):


Which produces a link to FrontMiddleTail (Composer) that displays as Alt-frontMiddleAlt-tail . Note: If italics and/or spaces are desired in the prepended Alt-front and/or appended Alt-tail, they must be explicitly supplied. Moreover, to obtain a space one must type {{sp}}. For example:


which produces the same link as above, displayed as Alt-front Middle Alt-tail (in this example, only the Alt-front is italicized).