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This template is for use on a Music publication page; it produces a table listing all the works that have links to the publication within the {{Published}} template. This table will be automatically updated.

The first column of the table is always the title of the work, without the composer's name. Following columns of the table are specified in the list in the first parameter, comma-delimited with no spaces. A second, optional parameter would give the year of publication, if necessary to distinguish different editions of the publication.

Syntax: {{PubList3|<code1>,<code2>,…,<coden>|YYYY}}, where <codei> is one of the codes below, and YYYY is the year of publication (optional).

If "seq" is specified, the table sorts on that column; otherwise sorting is on work title, using sort keys as specified in {{DEFAULTSORT:{{NameSorter}}}} on the work pages.

Code Output
arr Arranger
com Composer
first First Line
gen Genre
lan Language
lyr Lyricist
met Meter
pg Page number(s) in publication
seq Sequence no. in publication
subg Subgenre
vo Number of voices
voices Voices
yr Year of publication

For example, the template {{PubList3|yr,seq,pg,first,lyr,met,vo|1795}} on the page The Middlesex Harmony (Samuel Babcock) produces Thumb