Thirty Psalm Tunes (John Valentine)

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General information


John Valentine's Thirty Psalm Tunes was published in 1784: while the book is not dated, publication was entered at Stationers Hall on 20 September that year. The book was 'Printed for the Author by Messrs Longman and Broderip No 26 Cheapside & No 13 Hay Market Where they may be had. likewise at most other musical Shops in Town and Country, and of the Author at his House in Belgrave Gate Leicester'. The title page describes the work as Valentine's 'Opera 7'.

Publication date and place: 1784 by Longman and Broderip in London.

Description of contents

The collection was published by subscription, and the musical contents are prefaced by a 4-page list of subscribers.

The music consists of settings of metrical versions of the first thirty psalms: for Psalms 1-10 and 21-30, the Old Version texts are used, while for Psalms 11-20, the New Version is set. While all the settings are sufficiently short that they are classified as 'tunes' by the Hymn Tune Index, in three cases (Psalms 18, 22 and 30) the setting of four verses with key, tempo or voicing changes part-way through suggests that these might have been intended as short set-pieces, rather than as strophic psalm-tunes.

The music is laid out in full score. The treble clef is used for soprano and tenor parts, while the alto part is given in the alto clef. Voicing directions where the texture is thinned to duets (including an example in the first piece in the book, Ps. 1 on p2) indicate that the topmost stave carries the soprano part, while the third line down is the tenor part. An instrumental bass part is given throughout: this is unfigured, and is marked 'Bassoon' part-way through the setting of Ps. 13 on p21. The vocal bass part to Ps. 1 is figured, but this practice is not followed elsewhere in the book. Instrumental interludes are provided for all the tunes, in three parts (two treble-range instruments and bass, with the two treble parts printed on the same stave in the treble clef).

List of subscribers


Thomas Arnold, M. D. Leicester
Rev. Mr. C. Alsop, Sheepshead, Leicester
Mr. Richard Adcock, Syston, ditto.
Mr. John Ashmore, Stoneystanton, ditto.
Mr. Humphrey Allen, Swinford, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Alcock, Sambourn, Warwickshire
Mr. James Avern, Lapworth, ditto.
Mr. Richard Aldridge, Warton, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Allsager, Meriden-Heath, ditto.
Mr. Richard Alliston, Jun. Northampton
Mr. John Allkin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Mr. W. Adams, Bookseller, Loughboro’, Leicestershire

Rev. Mr. Beecher, Prebendary of Southwell, 2 Books
Rev. Mr. Burnaby, Leicester
Rev. Mr. Browne, Hoby, Leicestershire, 2 Books
Rev. Mr. Bree, Coleshill, Warwickshire
Rev. Mr. Burdett, Gilmorton, Leicestershire
Rev. Mr. Bower, Great Ashby, ditto.
Mr. John Brooke, Hinckley, ditto.
Mr. William Barnes, Long-Clawson, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Berry, Evington, ditto.
Mr. Benjamin Burton, Enderby, ditto.
Mr. Charles Ball, ditto.
Mr. Nathan Bolding, Warwick
Mr. Edmund Bromwich, Rugby, Warwickshire
Mr. Thomas Brothers, Ryton-upon-Dunsmere, ditto.
Mr. John Bartlett, ditto.
Mr. William Ball, Nuneaton, ditto.
Mr. John Bradshaw, St. Albans
Mr. T. Burnham, Bookseller, Northampton, 7 Books
Mr. G. Ball, Jun. Oundle, Northamptonshire, 7 Books
Mr. George Baxter, Bingham, Nottinghamshire
Mr. Bates, Swarkston, Derbyshire
Mr. William Bellamy, Leicester

Henry Coleman, Esq. Leicester
Rev. Mr. J. Clayton, ditto.
Mr. Robert Chessher, Surgeon, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Mr. William Coleshaw, Birstall, ditto.
Mr. Edward Cooke, Desford, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. Robert Chaplin, Grooby, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Claridge, Lutterworth, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Cahusac, Music-seller, London, 14 Books
Mr. William Campbell, Music-seller, London, 7 Books
Mr. William Christmas, Dunstable.
Mr. William Copsey, Stoneleigh-Abbey, Warwickshire
Mr. John Cattle, Coventry
Mr. Edward Cooley, Warwick
Mr. William Case, Rugby, Warwickshire
Mr. William Court, Bedworth, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Crammer, Lapworth, ditto.
Mr William Churchell, Music-seller, Exeter
Mr. Joseph Capenhurst, Netherseal, Leicestershire
Mr. John Cliff, Bull-Cote, Nottinghamshire
Mr. Abraham Crampton, Hanbury, Worcestershire
Mr. Thomas Collins, Grenden, Warwickshire
Choir of Singers at Alverschurch, WorcestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Arnsby, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Ashoe, WarwickshireLink to the English Wikipedia article, 2 Books
———————— Bingham, NottinghamshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Bottesford, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Bradley, DerbyshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Cold-Ashby, NorthamptonshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Foxton, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article 3 Books
Choir of Singers at Great-Glenn, Leicestersh.Link to the English Wikipedia article 2 Books
———————— Glenfield, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Great Brington, NorthamptonshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Harpole, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article 4 Books
———————— Knighton, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Long Whatton, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Margaret’s (St.) LeicesterLink to the English Wikipedia article 2 Books
———————— Mountsorrel, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Measham, DerbyshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Markfield, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article, 4 Books
———————— Neatherseal, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Rempstone, NottinghamshireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Rothley, LeicestershireLink to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Ryton upon Dunsmore, Warwicksh.Link to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Sapcoate, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article 3 Books
———————— Stoneleigh, WarwickshireLink to the English Wikipedia article 3 Books
———————— Snitherfield, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Woolston, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
———————— Water-witacre, ditto.

Mr. Elliot Dawson, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Mr. William Dunn, Stanford, ditto.

Thomas Edwards, D. D. Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Mr. James Elkington, Marton, ditto.

Rev. Mr. John Farrer, Warmington, Warwickshire
Rev. Mr. R. Farrer, Market-Harborough, Leicestersh.
Mr. Fox, Surgeon, Leicester
Mr. William Forrester, ditto.
Mr. John Freer, Blaby, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Fenelow, Thrussington, ditto.

Rev. M. Griffin, Dingley, Northamptonshire
Rev. Mr. Greenaway, Nether-Broughton, Leicestersh.
Rev. Mr. Glover, Hinckley, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. Alderman Gamble, Leicester
Mr. William Gardiner, Lapworth, Warwickshire
Mr. John Gerey, Hartshill, ditto.
Mr. John Garner, Bilson, Leicestershire
Mr. James Glover, Ibstock, ditto.
Mr. Humphrey Gamble, Thornton, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Goodwin, Stathorn, Leicestershire

C. G. Hudson, Esq. Wanlep, Leicestershire, 2 Books
Rev. Mr. Haines, Leicester
Rev. Mr. Howlette, Bedworth, Warwickshire
Rev. P. Hackett, Rector of South-Croxton, Leicestersh.
Mr. Thomas Hurt, Hinckley, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Holland, Stokegolding, ditto.
Mr. Harrod, Bookseller, Harborough, ditto. 6 Books.
Mr. Thomas Hollin, Thrussington, ditto.
Mr. John Hancocks, Jun. Earlshilton, ditto.
Mr. Edward Hawkesworth, Lambourn, Berks
Mr. William Hodges, Leicester
Mr. Joseph Hackney, ditto
Mr. George Heathcott, Bakewell, Derbyshire
Mr. Benjamin Harrington, Sandiacre, ditto.
Mr. John Heygate, West-Haddon, Northamptonshire
Mr. Edward Hakesley, Steverton, ditto.
Mr. John Haddon, Naseby, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Hurst, Longford, Warwickshire
Mr. Thomas Heath, Kenelworth, ditto.
Mr. William Hands, Bourton, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Homan, Birdingbury, ditto.
Mr. William Hartelow, Fillingley, ditto.
Mr. William Hattie, Strilley, Nottinghamshire
Mr. William Harrod, Bookseller, Stamford, 6 Books


Mr. Thomas Iliff, Foxton, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Jarvis, Congerston, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Irons, Wolston, Warwickshire
Mr. Henry Jeayes, Jun. Coventry
Mr. Samuel James, Stanton, Derbyshire

Tho. Kirkland, M. D. Ashby-de-la-zouch, Leicestersh.
Mr. John King, Nottingham

William Langford, D. D. Eton College
Rev. Mr. William Ludlam, Leicester
Rev. Mr. Liptrott, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 2 Books
Rev. Mr. Lee, Burton-Overy, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Littleton, Kenelworth, ditto. [this 'ditto' is crossed out in MS and 'Warwickshire' written in, apparently by the publisher]
Mr. William Luckman, Lapworth, ditto.
Mr. John Linnell, Harbury, ditto.
Mr. John Lowe, Bookseller, Birmingham, 5 Books
Mr. Thomas Lilly, Glenfield, Leicestershire
Mr. George Loseby, Evington, ditto.
Mr. John Leatherhead, South Croxton, ditto.
Messrs. Longman and Broderip, Music-sellers, London, 14 Books

Samuel Miles, Esq. Leicester
Mr. J. Munden, Brixworth, Northamptonsh. 2 Books
Mr. John Moore, Long-Clawson, Leicestershire
Mr. William Marshall, Scraptoft, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. John Mattocks, Burton-Overy, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Marston, Enderby, ditto.
Mr. John Mott, Naseby, Northamptonshire
Mr. Richard Maston, Oxendon, ditto.
Mr. John Mososley, Maxstock, Warwickshire
Mr. Thomas Moore, Rowington, ditto.
Mr. William Mander, Haslaer, ditto.

Mr. Nicholls, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire
Mr. John Niccols, Burbage, Leicestershire

Mr. Thomas Oswin, Hoby, Leicestershire

S. S. Perkins, Esq. Orton on the Hill, Leicestershire
Shinley Thomas Steel Perkins, ditto.
Rev. Mr. Pepperel, Winwick, Northamptonsh, 4 Books
Mr. Matthew Payne, Attorney at Law, Coventry
Mr. John Payne, Hartshill, Warwickshire
Mr. Thomas Phillips, Stoneleigh-Abbey, ditto.
Mr. Phillips, Kingsbury, ditto.
Mr. John Preston, Music-seller, London, 7 Books
Mr. Thomas Porter, Leicester
Mr. James Porter, Swinford, Leicestershire
Mr. William Pyman, Dyesworth, ditto.
Mr. Richard Percival, Appleby, ditto.
Mr. Samuel Pick, Oadby ditto.
Mr. John Pilgrim, Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Mr. Rudge, Assistant-Organist, Wolverhampton 2 books
Mr. Richard Ross, Leicester
Mr. Charles Robotham, Watch-maker, Leicester
Mr. William Roadnight, Marton, Warwickshire
Mr. Richard Russell, Stoneleigh-Abbey, ditto.
Mr. W. Remington, Stretton-upon-Dunsmore, ditto.
Mr. John Reeves, Coleshill, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Rogers, Bullington, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Robinson, Sibsey, Lincolnshire
Mr. F. Roome, Bookseller, Derby

Mr. Henry Smith, Attorney-at-Law, Wolverhampton
Mr. John Stockdale, Leicester
Mr. Thomas Skillern, Music-seller, London, 2 Books
Mr. John Saxby, Sheffield, 3 Books
Mr. Slater, Organist at Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Mr. Thomas Smith, Sawley, ditto.
Mr. John Smith, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Simpson, Ilkiston, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. William Smedley, Jun. ditto.
Mr. John Stanley, Measham, ditto.
Mr. William Smedley, Trawell, Nottinghamshire,
Mr. Joseph Smedley, ditto.
Mr. John Savage, Bunney, ditto.
Mr. John Skinner, Tythby, ditto.
Mr. Michael Sharp, Jun. Grantham
Mr. Joseph Smith, Sapcoate, Leicestershire
Mr. John Spencer, Austrey, Warwickshire
Mr. Robert Salmon, Harbury, ditto.
Mr. Dyer Smith, Bedworth, ditto.
Mr. John Simpson, Officer of Excise, Dunstable
Mr. Sanders, Bookseller, Derby

Mr. Tilley, Attorney at Law, Leicester
Mr. Joseph Turner, Leicester
Mr. Turner, Attorney at Law, Ashborne, Derbyshire
Messrs. Thompsons, Music-sellers, London, 7 Books
Mr. Moses Taylor, London, 2 Books
Mr. Sam. Tupman, Bookseller, Nottingham, 2 Books
Mr. Thomas Truswell, Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Mr. John Tompson, Great Glen, Leicestershire
Mr. Matthew Tompson, Stanton, Staffordshire

Mr. Samuel Unwin, Nottingham, 2 Books

Rev. Mr. Woodcock, Barkby, Leicestershire
Mr. Webb, Attorney at Law, Hinckley, ditto.
Mr. Wilson, Surgeon, ditto.
Mr Richard Wileman, Earlshilton, ditto.
Mr. William Weston, Ansty, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. John Weston, Burton-Overy, ditto.
Mr. Richard Warner, Ullesthorpe, ditto.
Mr. William Wright, Arnsby, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Wilford, Stathorn, ditto.
Mr. Samuel Whittle, Leicester
Mr. Francis Wall, ditto.
Mr. William Wareing, ditto.
Mr. William Woodrouffe, Assistant-Organist, Coventry
Mr. John Wood, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. John Weber, Stoneleigh-Abbey, Warwickshire
Mr. Robert Webb, Rugby, ditto.
Mr. William Waddams, Griff, ditto.
Miss S. Wagstaff, Nuneaton, ditto.
Mr. T. White, East-Haddon, Northamptonsh. 3 Books
Mr. John Watton, West-Haddon, ditto. 2 Books
Mr. John Wilford, Naseby, ditto.
Mr. William Wilford, ditto.
Mr. Jonathan Wareing, ditto.
Mr. John Wilson, Jun. Long-Eaton, Derbyshire
Mr. Thomas Wade, Uppingham, Rutland

List of works

Pages Description Text
012-3 Psalm I. O.V. The man is blest that hath not lent
023-4 Psalm II. O.V Why did the Gentiles tumults raise
035-6 Psalm III. O.V. O Lord, how are my foes increased
046-8 Psalm IV. O.V. O God, thou art my righteousness
058-9 Psalm V. O.V. Incline thine ear, O Lord, and let
0610-11 Psalm VI. O.V. Lord, in thy wrath reprove me not
0711-12 Psalm VII. O.V. Verse 1, 10, 11 & 17. O Lord, my God, I put my trust
0813-14 Psalm VIII. O.V. O God, our Lord, how wonderful
0915-16 Psalm IX. O.V. With heart and voice, to thee, O Lord
1016-17 Psalm X. O.V. Verse 1, 12, 13, & 14. What is the cause that thou, O Lord
1118-19 Psalm XI. N.V. Since I have placed my trust in God
1219-20 Psalm XII. N.V. Since godly men decay, O Lord
1321-22 Psalm XIII. N.V. How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?
1422-24 Psalm XIV. N.V. Verse 1, 2, 3, & 7. Sure wicked fools must needs suppose
1525-26 Psalm XV. N.V. Lord, who's the happy man that may
1627-28 Psalm XVI. N.V. Protect me from my cruel foes
1728-30 Psalm XVII. N.V. To my just plea and sad complaint
1830-32 Psalm XVIII. N.V. Part 2d Verse 7th When God arose my part to take
1933-35 Psalm XIX. N.V. The heavens declare thy glory, Lord
2036 Psalm XX. N.V. The Lord to thy request attend
2137-38 Psalm XXI. O.V. O Lord, how joyful is the king
2239-42 Psalm XXII. O.V. O God, my God, wherefore dost thou
2343 Psalm XXIII. O.V. My shepherd is the living Lord
2444-45 Psalm XXIV. O.V. 7. 8. 9. & 10th Verses. Ye gates and everlasting doors
2546 Psalm XXV. O.V. I lift my heart to thee
2647-48 Psalm XXVI. O.V. Lord, be my judge, and thou shalt see
2749 Psalm XXVII. O.V. The Lord is both my health and light
2850-51 Psalm XXVIII. O.V. beginning at the 6th Verse. To render thanks unto the Lord
2952-53 Psalm XXIX. O.V. Give to the Lord, ye potentates
3054-57 Psalm XXX. O.V. All laud and praise with heart and voice

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord? 1784 21-22 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
I lift my heart to thee 1784 46 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
My shepherd is the living Lord 1784 43 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
The Lord to thy request attend 1784 36 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
What is the cause that thou, O Lord 1784 16-17 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Ye gates and everlasting doors 1784 44-45 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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