Thomas Bytteryng

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Aliases: Thomas Byttering; Thomas Bytering; Thomas Bytteryng; Thomas Biteryng


Born: ?

Died: ?


Byttering, Bytering, Bytteryng, or Biteryng, a composer represented by 5 (or 6? the Credo OH85 has an ascription to "Bittering", but in a late 15c hand.) works in the Old Hall Manuscript (probably compiled before 1421), is tentatively identified as one Thomas Byteryng, a canon at Hastings Castle (1405-08) and rector somewhere in London in 1414.

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List of choral works

  • Gloria, 3vv, OH no.17
  • Gloria, 4vv, OH no.18
  • Credo, 3vv, OH no.79
  • Nesciens mater, 3vv, OH no.50
  • En Katerine solennia/Virginalis contio/Sponsus amat sponsum [recte sponsam], 3vv, OH no.145


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