Tiburtio Massaino

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Alias: Tiburzio Massaini


Born: c.1550

Died: c.1609


Italian composer and Augustinian monk. Fairly obscure as a composer today, he was active in many cities including Cremona, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Prague, and highly regarded as a musician and composer in his day.

Biography in Italian

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List of choral works

Sacred works in Latin



Masses for five voices
Masses for eight voices


Motets for four voices
Motets for five voices
Motets for six voices
Motets for seven voices
Motets for eight voices
Motets for nine voices
Motets for ten voices
Motets for twelve voices
Motets for fifteen voices
Motets for sixteen voices
Vesper Psalms

Secular madrigals in Italian

Madrigals for four voices
Madrigals for five voices
Madrigals for six voices

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  • 1569 – Il primo libro de madrigali a quatro voci (Venice: Antonio Gardano)
  • 1571 – Primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • 1573 – Il secondo libro de madrigali a quatro voci (Venice: Scotto)
  • 1578 – Il Secondo Libro de Madrigali a cinque voci di Tiburtio Massaino (Venice: heirs of Girolamo Scotto)
  • 1587 – Il terzo libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • 1594 – Quarto libro de’ madrigali a cinque voci (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • 1604 – Madrigali a sei voci, libro primo (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • 1604 – Il secondo libro de madrigali a sei voci (Venice: Giacomo Vincenti)


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