Twenty Original Sacred Melodies (William Thorn)

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General information

William Thorn's Twenty Original Sacred Melodies was published in 1836 (the title page is dated) by George and Manby, of 85, Fleet-Street, London, and by W. Roberts of Exeter. The book was dedicated to Henry PhillpottsLink to the English Wikipedia article, Bishop of Exeter, and was published by subscription. In the previous year, W. Roberts had been listed in the imprint of Richard Partridge's Sacred Music as an Exeter seller of that book, and there is some overlap in subscribers between the two collections.

Publication date and place: 1836 by George and Manby in London.

The psalm tunes in Twenty Original Sacred Melodies are settings of texts from the 'New Version' metrical psalms of Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady: they are set in four parts, in the order Tenore - Alto - Canto - Basso, with the Canto and Basso parts bracketed together with additional notes between to form a keyboard part: the bass part is also figured.


The Right Reverend the LORD BISHOP of EXETER.
The Right Honourable the EARL of DEVON, Powderham Castle (three copies.)
LORD VISCOUNT COURTENAY, Powderham Castle (three copies.)
Sir T. D. ACLAND, Bart.Link to the English Wikipedia article Killerton House.
Lady ACLAND, Ditto.
Sir H. P. DAVIE, Bart.Link to the English Wikipedia article Creedy House.
Sir JOHN KENNAWAY, Bart.Link to the English Wikipedia article Escot.

Amery, Mr. Thomas, Lustleigh.
Amery, Mr. William, Ditto.
Amery, Mr. William, Manaton.
Amery, Mr. William, Jun. Crediton.
Andrews, Mr. Richard, Plymouth.
Adams, Mr. Robert, Marldon.
Adams, Mr. Organist, Bridgetown, Totnes.
Arundle, Rev. W. H. Cheriton-Fitzpaine.
AshburtonLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of (four copies.)
Ash, Mr. Organist, Broadclist.
Ash, Mr. R. Bude.
Bartholomew, Rev. J. Morchard Bishop.
Barns, Mr. Organist, Torquay, (four copies.)
BamptonLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Barrett, Mr. J. Exeter.
Battishill, Mr. John, Spreyton.
Battishill, Mr. John, Surgeon, Ditto.
Bailey, E. S. Esq, Chagford.
Beazly, Mr. John, Newton Abbot.
Berry, Miss, Chagford.
Bibbings, Mr. John, Bow.
Bibbings, Mr. A. Zeal-Monachorum.
Billett, Mr. John, Moreton-Hampstead.
Beer, Mr. Singing Master, Plymouth
Boult, Mr. Exeter.
Bond, – Esq. Solicitor, Crediton.
Boucher, E. Esq. Broadclist.
Bovey, Mr. William, Little-Hempstone.
Bragg, George, Esq. Moreton-Hampstead.
Bradford, Rev. J. Newton Abbot.
BradninchLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Branscombe, Mr. S. Newton Abbot.
BroadclystLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Brock, Mr. J. Reed, Coleridge.
Bryan, Rev. R. S. Cheldon.
Brooking, Mr. Organist, Trinity, Exeter.
Brown, Rev. C. Whitstone.
Blackmore, Mr. Exeter.
Brutton, Mr. E. Morchard Bishop.
Burrington, Rev. Gilbert, Chudleigh.
Burn, Rev. C. Tedburn St. Mary.
Buckingham, Mr. William, Landkey.
Cann, Mr. S. Moreton-Hampstead.
Cann, Mr. William, Spreyton.
Cann, Mr. William, South-Tawton.
Carpenter, Mr. W. Organist, St. David's, Exeter (six copies.)
Carter, Mr. T. Otterton.
Carwithen, Rev. William, Manaton.
ChagfordLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of (four copies.)
Chamberlain, Rev. G. T. Kenton.
Channon, Mr. J. Crediton.
Chapple, Mr. James, Organist, Ashburton.
Chapple, Mr. John, North-Tawton.
Chapple, Mr. Edred, Exeter.
Choir of Mr. Rooker's Chapel, Tavistock.
Clack, Rev. W. C. Moreton-Hampstead.
Clack, Miss, Chudleigh.
Churchward, Mr. R. Buckfastleigh.
Cheeseworth, Mr. C. Music Copyist, Dunsford.
Carrington, Rev. R. P. Bideford, (two copies.)
Coade, Mr. P. Singing Master, Plymouth.
Cock, Mr. Spreyton.
ChudleighLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Coham, Holland, Esq. Dunsland House.
Cole Cole, William, Esq. Exeter.
Corner, Mr. John, Halberton.
Cosens, William, Esq. Dawlish.
Courtier, John, Esq. Moreton-Hampstead.
Courtenay, Rev. F. J. North-Bovey.
Clampitt, Mr. R. W. Chagford.
Croote, Mr. Thomas, Chulmleigh.
Crotch, Mr. John, Okehampton.
Creber, Mr. William, Plymstock.
Clay, Rev. Pelham, Chawleigh.
Cleave, Mr. John, Crediton.
Down, Mr. Nicholas, Lifton.
Davey, Mrs. Chulmleigh.
Davey, Mr. P. Morchard Bishop.
Davey, Mr. George, Colebrooke.
Davey, Mr. James, Ditto.
Dadd, Mr. John, St. Thomas, Exeter.
Dawlish, the Choir of (four copies.)
Daw, Mr. Joseph, Buckland-Monachorum.
Dark, Mrs. Organist, Tavistock.
Dickes, Mr. William, Exeter.
Dean, Rev. Arthur, Eggesford.
Dicker, Mr. Henry, Exeter.
Densham, Mr. R. Morchard Bishop.
Downey, Mr. J. Thelbridge.
Dunstan, Mr. John, Inwardleigh.
Dunsford, the Choir of
Easterbrooke, Mr. J. Widecombe.
Edwards, Mr. John, Professor of Music, Barum.
Ellis, Mr. J. K. Royal Academy of Music, London.
Ellis, Mr. Charles, Woodbury.
ErmingtonLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
ExbournLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Eyre, Mr. Chagford.
Fulford, Colonel, Great Fulford.
Fisher, Rev. Dr. Exeter.
French, Mr. William, Bickington.
French, Mr. Thomas, Manaton.
French, Mr. Stephen, Ditto.
Friend, Mr. Arthur, Winkleigh.
Froome, Mr. Exeter.
Fry, Mr. Philip, Veterinary Surgeon, Torrington.
Gattey, Edward, Esq. Harefield, Lympstone.
Gard, Rev. Joseph, St. Giles.
Gee, Rev. R. Marldon.
Germon, Mr. John, Moreton-Hampstead.

Gibbings, Mr. Jonas, Coleridge.
Gray, Mr. Samuel, Moreton-Hampstead.
Gray, Mr. John, Ditto.
Gidley, G. Esq. Collector of Excise, Plymouth.
Gidley, Mr. James, Chagford.
Gregory, Rev. George, Dunsford.
Gregory, Mr. Jeremiah, Froome.
Hall, Mr. John, Crediton.
HalbertonLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Handcock, Mr. William, Coleridge.
Hames, Rev. William, Chagford.
Harding, Mr. Charles, Exeter.
Harvey, Mr. G. Professor of Music, Exeter.
Haynes, Mr. Richard, Payhembury.
Hill, Mr. J. R. Moreton-Hampstead.
Hill, Mr. C. Organist, St. Mary Steps, Exeter.
Hillman, Mr. William, Exeter.
HighweekLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of (three copies.)
Haycraft, Mr. H. Organist, St. Petrock's, Exeter.
Hamlin, Mr. T. P. Organist, Launceston.
Haycraft, Mr. Samuel, Exeter.
Hayes, Mr. William, Organist, Exeter.
Heard, Mr. Richard, Bow.
Heard, Mr. Buckland-Filleigh, (two copies.)
Hellins, Rev. W. B. Bow.
Heyward, Mr. William, North Bovey.
Hoare, Mr. Whitstone.
Hodge, Mr. Samuel, Tedburn St. Mary.
Hodge, Mr. R. Churchstow.
Hodgson, Rev. Mr. Throwley.
Holland, Rev. Richard, Spreyton.
Hole, Rev. George, Chulmleigh.
Hole, William, Esq. Bovey Tracey.
Hole, Mr. Robert, Drewsteignton.
Honywell, Mr. Theophilus, Holcombe Burnell.
Howard, Mr. William, Exeter.
Huet, Mr. T. F. Bedford Circus, Exeter.
Hutchings, Mr. R. Organist, Heavitree.
Hutchings, Mr. R. Moreton-Hampstead.
Howell, Rev. Hinds, Washfield.
IddesleighLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Ideford, Choir of (three copies.)
James, Harry, Esq. Exeter.
James, Mr. John, Exeter.
Kelland, Mr. William, Coleridge.
Kerswell, Mr. James, Colebrooke.
Lang, Mr. James, Kennerleigh.
Lancaster, Mr. Organist, St. John's Chapel, Devonport.
Langdon, Mr. John, Widecombe.
Lake, Mr. Samuel, Sandford.
Lambshead, Mr. T. Ilsington.
Lavercombe, Mr. James, Poughill.
Leach, Mr. John Leach, Morchard Bishop.
Leach, Mr. John Leach, Washfordpyne.
Leaman, Mr. W. Buckland-Monachorum.
Leaman, Mr. J. Whitechurch.
Lewis, Mr. J. Crotch, Organist, Okehampton.
Ley, Rev. H. Kenn.
Linter, Mr. R. Organist, Kenton.
Long, Mr. R. Tavistock.
Lover of Sacred Music, Bickleigh.
Luxmore, Rev. H. Vicar of Barnstaple.
LympstoneLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Marsh, Rev. William, Ashburton.
Manley, Rev. John, Crediton.
Manley, Mr. Robert, Stockley Pomeroy.
Martin, Mr. W. B. Organist, Brixham.
Mare, Mr. Samuel, Morchard Bishop.
Mason, T. Esq. Exeter.
Mason, Rev. J. H. Widecombe.
Marshall and Warren, Messrs. Marwood
May, Mr. Walter, Dunsford.
May, Mr. Robert, Torquay.
Medland, Mr. Henry, Holdsworthy.
Melluish, Rev. T. St. Mary Steps, Exeter.
Michelmore, Mr. John, Buckfastleigh.
Moon, Mr. E. Professor of Music, Plymouth.
Monk, Mr. William, Singing Master, Tavistock
More, Mr. William, Throwley.
Moreton-HampsteadLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Morchard BishopLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Mortimore, Mr. George, Ilsington.
Morgan, Mr. William, Sandford.
Moxhay, Mr. R. Professor of Music, Exeter, (two copies.)
Mudge, Mr. P. Organist, St. Edmund's, Exeter.
Mead, Mr. Henry, Stationer, Tiverton.
Napleton, Rev. William, Stoke Canon.
Neck, Mr. S. N. Moreton-Hampstead.
Newman, Mr. William, Ridgway.
Northcote, Mr. Singing Master, Morchard Bishop.
Northcote, Mr. G. Uplowman.
Norrish, Mr. William, Widecombe.
Nosworthy, Rev. Stephen, Ditto.
Northam, Mr. H. Exeter.
Nosworthy, Mr. J. Neadon, Manaton.
Nosworthy, Mr. J. Tarhill, Ditto.
Nosworthy, Mr. J. Barrocot, Ditto.
Nosworthy, Mr. R. Leighon, Ditto.
Nosworthy, Mr. W. North Bovey.
Ocock, Mr. George, Upton Hellions.
OkehamptonLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Orchard, Mr. William, Tedburn St. Mary.
Parker, Montague E. N. Esq. M.P. (two copies.)
Paddon, Mr. Robert, Holcombe-Burnell.
Page, Mr. William, Morchard Bishop.
Passmore, Mr. Philip, Washfordpyne.
Passmore, Mr. Peter, Ditto.
Passmore, Mr. Richard, Braunton.
Palmer, Rev. S. Northtawton.
Passmore, Mr. Robert, Newton St. Cyres.

Payne, Mr. William, Tedburn St. Mary.
Payne, Mr. Thomas, Tiverton.
Pethybridge, Mr. T. Ipplepen.
Pethybridge, Mr. William, Manaton.
Perriman, Mr. John, Colebrooke.
Peters, Mr. William, Moreton-Hampstead.
Pitman, Rev. W. P. Dunchideock.
Pillman, Mr. Jonas, Northtawton.
Phillips, Mr. A. Northtawton.
Phillips, Mr. W. Moreton-Hampstead.
Pinson, Mr. William, Ashburton.
Pinhey, Mr. Musician, Exeter.
Ponsford, Mr. J. Surgeon, Moreton-Hampstead.
Pope, William, Esq. Ash, Sandford.
Pope, Mr. J. Morchard Bishop.
Powley, Rev. William, Starcross.
Puddicombe, Mr. A. Surgeon, Moreton-Hampstead.
Pridham, Mr. John, Organist, Topsham.
Quick, Mr. J. Leader of St. John's Choir, Exeter.
Rattenbury, Mr. J. H. Bondley.
Reed, Mr. William, Heavitree, Exeter.
Reed, Mr. John, Coleridge.
Reed, Mr. Joseph, Buckland-Monachorum.
Rendell, Mr. John, Coombinteignhead.
Reeves, Mr. William, Singing Master, Tiverton.
Rendell, Mr. R. East Ogwell.
Reeve, Mr. John, Whitstone.
Rendle, Mr. William, Doddiscombsleigh.
Rice, Mr. N. Musician, Exeter.
Richardson, Mr. William, Organist, Kingsteignton.
Richards, Mr. Francis, Talaton.
Rowe, Rev. Samuel, Vicar of Crediton.
Rowdon, Mr. John, Moreton-Hampstead.
Roberts, Mr. William, Bookseller, Exeter.
Sampson, Mr. Samuel, Broadwood-Kelly.
Sanders, T. C. Esq. Exeter.
SandfordLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of (four copies.)
Sandford, Mr. N. W. Ottery.
Searle, Mr. William, Crediton.
Searle, Mr. J. Organist, Chudleigh.
Seage, Mr. William, Chittlehampton.
Seward, Mr. William, Newton St. Cyres.
Shears, Mr. William, North Bovey.
Sharland, Mr. William, Cheriton-Fitzpaine.
Sharland, Mr. George, Poughill.
Skinner, Mr. W. Magdalen College, Cambridge.
Sheepcott, Mr. W. Holcombe-Burnell.
Shortridge, Mr. J. Singing Master, Buckland-Monachorum.
Smerdon, Mr. J. C. Ashburton.
Smith, Mr. Surgeon, Lewdown.
Snelling, Mr. James, Organist, Bishopsteignton
SowtonLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Stark, Mr. T. S. Organist, Cullompton.
Staddon, Mr. Thomas, Plymstock.
Staddon, Mr. John, Ditto.
Stone, Mr. John, Poltimore.
Stone, Mr. Thomas, Newton St. Cyres.
Stevens, Rev. Richard, Holcombe-Burnell.
Stoke CanonLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Sweet, John, Esq. Zeal-Monachorum.
Taylor, Colonel, East Ogwell, (two copies.)
Taylor, Mr. R. Exeter.
Tapper, Mr. John, Exeter.
Tepper, Mr. Bookseller, Southmolton.
ThrowleyLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Templar, Rev. John, Teigngrace.
Thorne, Mr. William, Witheridge.
Thorn, Mr. Richard, Chagford.
Thorn, Mr. John, Ditto.
Thorn, Mr. J. Ditto.
Thorn, Mr. W. London.
Thorn, Mr. J. Ditto.
ThorvertonLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Tanner, Mr. John, Musician, Chudleigh.
Thorp, Rev. Henry, Topsham.
TopshamLink to the English Wikipedia article, Choir of
Tozer, Mr. Richard, Topsham.
Tothill, Mr. T. Jewell, Ideford.
Trevenen, Rev. E. Drewsteignton.
Tremlett, Mr. Robert, Moreton-Hampstead.
Tremills, Mr. John, Widecombe.
Troake, Mr. Topsham.
TavistockLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Tavistock, the Choir of Abbey Chapel.
Tindal, Rev. N. Silverton.
Tucker, Mr. John, Exeter.
Tucker, Mr. William, Ditto.
Tucker, Mr. James, Coleridge.
Tuckett, Mr. William, Stockley-Pomeroy.
Tuke, Mr. John, Chulmleigh.
Turner, Mr. T. P. Professor of Music, Exeter.
Tripp, Rev. R. H. St. Sidwell's, Exeter.
UgboroughLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Vinnicombe, Mr. Organist, St. Lawrence, Exeter.
Vinning, Mr. John, Musician, 59, George's-Street, Devonport.
Vinning, Mr. W. S. Organist, Newton-Abbot.
Wannell, Mr. R. Organist, Mint Chapel, Exeter.
Webber, Mr. Stephen, Sandford.
Whiddon, Rev. Samuel, Lustleigh.
White, Mr. Adam, Marldon.
WhitstoneLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of (four copies.)
Whiteaway, Mr. John, Chudleigh.
WitheridgeLink to the English Wikipedia article, the Choir of
Windeat, Mr. J. Moreton-Hampstead.
Wood, Mr. Organist, St. Mary Major, Exeter.
Woolland, Mr. William, Ditto.
Wonnacott, Mr. G. Singing Master, Southtawton.
Wreford, Mr. Simon, Morchard Bishop.
Yolland, John, Esq. Crediton.

List of works

Pages Description Text
012-3 PSALM 63d Verses 1.2.6. O God, my gracious God, to thee
024-5 PSALM 89th Verses 1.2.5 Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my song
036 PSALM 8. Verses 1.2.3. O thou to whom all creatures bow
047-8 PSALM 36th Verses O Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope
059 PSALM 139th Verses 1.5.23. Thou, Lord, by strictest search has known
0610-11 PSALM 103rd Verces The Lord, the universal King
0712-13 PSALM 113th Verses 1.4.6. Ye saints and servants of the Lord
0814-15 PSALM 95th Verses 1.2.3. O come, loud anthems let us sing
0916-17 PSALM 105th Verses 1.2.3. O render thanks and bless the Lord
1018-21 PSALM 1st Verses How blest is he who ne’er consents
1122 PSALM 88th Verses 1.3.8. To thee, my God and Saviour, I
1223-24 PSALM 91st Verses 1.9.11. He that has God his guardian made
1325-26 PSALM 108th Verses O God, my heart is fully bent
1427-28 PSALM 80th Verses 1.3.4. O Israel’s shepherd, Joseph’s guide
1528-29 PSALM 119th Verses For ever, and for ever, Lord
1630 PSALM 25th Verses 1.4.10. To God, in whom I trust
1731-32 PSALM 106th Verses 1.3.4. O render thanks to God above
1832-33 PSALM 130th Verses 1.3.5. From lowest depths of woe
1933-34 PSALM 146th Verses O praise the Lord, and thou, my soul
2035-36 PSALM 148th Verses 1.5.14. Ye boundless realms of joy
2137 KYRIE ELEESON. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline our hearts to keep this law.
2238 SANCTUS. Holy, holy, holy, blessed Lord God

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
The Lord, the universal King 1836 10-11 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Ye saints and servants of the Lord 1836 12-13 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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